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My First 'Office Themed' Mirror

  • Hi there! We just completed our latest COVID project utilizing our RPI 3B+ and an old computer monitor to build our first Magic Mirror. We call this our “Office Themed” mirror as it is currently configured to use MMM-ImageSlideShow to randomly scroll through over 50 Office GIFs in the bottom left. I built this on the cheap with the kids using an old 20" LCD monitor, a spare RPI 3B+, and some scraps of wood we salvaged from an old dresser to build the frame 😝

    By far, the most challenging part for me was creating the frame. Our only costs were the acrylic mirror and the stain for the wood. Everything else was already available. I feel like our MM v1.0 turned out pretty well! I had trouble with the default weather modules but was able to use MMM-Weather-Now and MMM-3Day-Forecast with ease. Adding calendars was a breeze. I also added a small stock market tracker in the lower right using MMM-AVStock and configured the css file to only show a couple columns of interest. Set up cron jobs to automatically turn the monitor off at 9PM and restart the MM and monitor at 6AM. Pretty pleased with how it turned out! 🤙

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    @ljcwalston Congratulations to your first build! It looks awesome!

  • @Fozi Thanks! It was really fun! Although, the Office GIFs will likely get old eventually…we’ll probably swap them out with a different module. 🙂

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    Nice work! Plus, your family has some really creative face masks.

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