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Toothbrush integration

  • @SvenSommer I have a brush that is compatible and can help… are the instructions posted 5 days ago the correct ones? I can give it a whirl tonight / tomorrow morning if they are.

  • @SvenSommer
    Ok, as proven during the scenarios:
    my brush does a connect followed by another reconnect after 3sec, which happens without user interaction.
    so i land again at ‘hcitool con’, can your script be modified easiely to operate as intended at the very beginning (scanning for BLE brush macaddrr. every few seconds and stopping upon not finding it anymore, vanishing+resetting after a defined time period) of this topic?

    btw i use the:
    Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Technology Powered by Braun

    i appreciate your help testing the script, please provide us with the model no/type of your brush

  • @onetwankyfive
    Thanks four your help! Yes, please follow these instructions of the eight steps to get the testscript running.

    For clarification, please provide us with the output from the four scenarios:

    1. Start the Brush; wait like 10 seconds and stop.
    2. Start and stop within 3 seconds.
    3. Start, wait like 10 seconds and stop. Start again within the next 10 seconds for like 5 seconds.
    4. Start, wait like 10 seconds and stop. Start again after 40 seconds and stop whenever you like.

    And as @dfuerst mentioned the model seems to differ in their behavior. I’m using a a Braun Oral-B PRO 6000. Do you know yours?

    I don’t get your point in using hcitool.
    Do you get a reconnect after you have stopped your brush with hcitool?
    Or is your brush connected via hcitool as long as it’s running?

    To answer your question: If you want to use hcitool, its easier to adapt to MMM-Networkscanner by @ianperrin like you did in your first attempt.
    But as I already mentioned, I’m sure this is even more unreliable and unaccurate.
    But if you wanna try, I’m willing to help you.

  • @onetwankyfive, @dfuerst
    As this is not an request topic any more I made a new one in the developer section. You can find it here.
    Feel free to move over, if you want to assist the development of the module I’m creating right now.