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MMM-OralB / Bluetooth equipped toothbrush integration

  • Hey, this topic should continue the development of the MMM-OralB module, to integrate the OralB - Bluetooth equipped toothbrushes.
    It already started here as a request and changed to a develop specific topic.

  • hmmm, for my understanding.

    brushtimer.js is waiting till a connect and upon the reconnect after 3sec (of Oral 6500) not accepting further connect’s?
    would it help to integrate a , let’s say, 5 sec not looking for reconnect’s function. or is it noble that doesn’t allow this.

    At HCITOOL, yes you are so right Sir, this won’t recognize a brushing interruption.
    i don’t think that i am able to write anything like your brushtimer myself. i don’t even understand the code you have written.
    i have already tried to modify NetworkScanner and got the MACaddress parsed, but i didn#t manage to do anything with this payload. Just because i don’t understand the basics.

    my modified node_helper looked like this:

    /* global require, module /
    Magic Mirror

    • Node Helper: MMM-NetworkScannermod
    • By Ian Perrin modified by dfuerst
    • MIT Licensed.

    var NodeHelper = require(“node_helper”);
    var sudo = require(“sudo”);

    module.exports = NodeHelper.create({
    start: function function_name () {
    console.log("Starting module: " +;

    // Override socketNotificationReceived method.
    socketNotificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
        console.log( + ' received ' + notification);
        if (notification === "SCAN_NETWORK") {
            this.config = payload;
            return true;
    scanNetwork: function() {
        console.log( + " is scanning for mac addresses");
        var self = this;
        var hci = sudo(['hcitool', 'con']);
        var buffer = '';
        var errstream = '';
        hci.stdout.on('data', function (data) {
            buffer += data;
        hci.stderr.on('data', function (data) {
            errstream += data;
        hci.on('error', function (err) {
            errstream += err;
        hci.on('close', function (code) {
            if (code !== 0) {
                console.log( + " received an error running hcitool: " + code + " - " + errstream);
            //Parse the response
            var rows = buffer.split('\n');
            var macAddresses = [];
            // HCI-TOOL SCAN table
            for (var i = 1; i < rows.length; i++) {
                var cells = rows[i].split(' ').filter(String);
                if (cells[2] && macAddresses.indexOf(cells[2].toUpperCase()) === -1) {
            self.sendSocketNotification('MAC_ADDRESSES', macAddresses);


    that gave me in the console.log:

    [ ‘E0:E5:CF:FC:4D:8C’ ]

    how can i integrate this node_helper macaddr.SCAN into your module?

  • @dfuerst
    By now brushtimer.js has already the whole logic the of the final modul implemented. It’s working like this.

    1. If a brush is connected it’s starts the timer. This happens when the “start/stop” button is pushed for the first time. After 3 seconds (mine and your) toothbrush turns off bluetooth connection. This is registred, but nothing happens (timer is still running) until:
    2. Brush is connected again. This means the “start/stop” button was hit again and this time is means to stop the timer, because the brush was already running and is now stopped. (If I understood your test output right, this point never happens when you tested it; your toothbrush isn’t connecting again, when you stopped it)
    3. Because (my) toothbrush doesn’t shut down the connection for 32 seconds after the stop, I have to wait until I can detect a new connection event.

    What you need to set up in your attempt is a timer. When you detect your mac-address you start your timer. And when its gone, stop it.

    Here is a clock object you can integrate and use. You can use Clock.resume() to start/resume the timer or Clock.pause() to wait. If you want to reset use Clock.Stop()
    Everytime the clock-timer is changed you fire a sendSocketNotification('TIMER_UPDATE', totalSeconds) like int the MMM-NetworkScanner-project with sendSocketNotification('MAC_ADDRESSES', macAddresses) to inform the main module an show it to the mirror-screen.

    var Clock = {
      totalSeconds: 0,
      start: function () {
        var self = this;
        this.interval = setInterval(function () {
          self.totalSeconds += 1;
          console.log(Math.floor(self.totalSeconds / 60 % 60) + ':' + parseInt(self.totalSeconds % 60));
        }, 1000);
        pause: function () {
          delete this.interval;
        resume: function () {
          if (!this.interval) this.start();
        stop: function(){
            this.totalSeconds = 0;
            delete this.interval;

  • Hi,
    im on Holiday for some Days, but the week after next week i’m back home.
    After that i can help you with checking your code on my MM with my Toothbrush.

    I hope this will help you.

  • Hi @SvenSommer, thank you for the work! i will check the module in the next days!
    would i be possible to connect more the one brush (toothbrush_uuid)?


  • Hi,

    I have tested the module today with a Oral B Genius 9000 toothbrush. I´m experiencing the same problems mentioned already in the old post. When I run brushTimer.js standalone in the module folder everything is working fine.
    To run it in MM I used:

    sudo npm rebuild --runtime=electron --target=1.6.11 --disturl= --abi=53

    MM is starting now but when I switch on the toothbrush nothing happens. It is just displaying “Seaching…”
    How can I fix that?


  • Hey @Fistandantilus,
    Thanks for checking out the module. Sorry for disappointing you, but the MMM-OralB-module is not finished yet. The module is not capable of displaying any other message than ‘Searching…’ right now.

    I stopped the development a few month ago, caused by the different matching results, we experienced in the testing phase at the individual toothbrushes.
    But I’m definitely interested in making this module.

    If you want to help me , you could send me your detailed test output of the scenario I pointed out before.

    Here are some details:

    • If the toothbrush is started bluetooth is activated for 3 Seconds.
    • If the brush is paused/stopped bluetooth is activated again for 32 Seconds.

    This leads to the following limited possiblities in tracking a brush session.

    • A start of a session is only trackable, if the programm/script has started with a (for 32 seconds) silent brush.
    • A stop is only trackable 3 seconds after start.
    • A stop/pause leads to a 32 Seconds “cooldown phase”, were no tracking is possible. This will reset the timer to 0:00.

    This is only helpfull if you do not interrupt you brushing session. 😄

    If you wanna try the current setup you can run the script by:

    1. Enter your module-directory: cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
    2. Clone repository : git clone
    3. Enter new directory: cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-OralB
    4. Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez libbluetooth-dev libudev-dev
    5. Install noble module: npm install noble
    6. Exceute helper programm to find your brushID (this is not the mac-address): sudo node findBrushId.js
      This should lead to a output like
    Searching for OralB Toothbrushes with manufacturerData: "dc00010205030000000101"...
    changed state to:poweredOn
    Found OralB Tootbrush with ID: 544a1621209f
    1. Copy and paste your ID into the brushTimer.js file: sudo nano brushTimer.js
      (Save and exit with STRG + O and STRG + X )
    "use strict";
    var NodeHelper = require("node_helper");
    var noble = require('noble');
    //Copy Paste your ID here 
    var toothbrush_uuid = '544a1621209f';
    1. Run script with sudo node brushTimer.js
      This should lead to an output like:
    scanning started...
    Toothbrush is running
    Toothbrush stopped. "Cool down" for 32 seconds needed!

  • Good morning,

    this is the result of brushtimer.js when I start the brush and stop it just by enableling bluetooth:

    scanning started...
    Toothbrush connection ALIVE atSun Jul 02 2017 07:39:55 GMT+0200 (CEST)
    Toothbrush is running
    Toothbrush connection LOST at Sun Jul 02 2017 07:40:27 GMT+0200 (CEST) was alive since Sun Jul 02 2017 07:39:55 GMT+0200 (CEST)
    Cooldown was432033 sec => => resetting timer

    When I start the real operating mode the timer doesn´t stop when I stop brushing because the bluetooth connection stays alive. So your described scenario is working as expected.

    Did you try to contact Oral-B to see if there are sdk´s available for other platforms as well? Getting the connection status in a first step is great but of course all other information the brush is sending should be visualized as well to get rid of the mobile app.

  • Just sent a mail to Oral-B 😉


    you may already have heard about the raspberry pi project Magic Mirror ( This is a project to display information on a mirror using a semi transparent mirror glas and a monitor behind. As most mirrors are used in bathrooms what is obviously? Exactly people are using toothbrushes in front of it. The timer and the app you are offering are great but as we already have the possibility to display information on the mirror itself we would like to get rid of addidional equipment and would like to build a module that is able to visualize the information your toothbrushes are sending. We kindly request your support to get that feature into the project.

    best regards,

  • That’s an quite a nice offer…
    Email is out, I’ll keep you updated.

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