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  • Just sits at OpenWeather data … I know my key works because the default weather apps work

    MMM-BMW-CC works just fine though
    Id like to keep the same info set because CC shows different data

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    1. Please start MM using npm start dev and check the console for errors related to MMM-BMW-OW.
    2. Before quitting MM bring your terminal to the front and check that for errors as well.
    3. Report any errors you find
    4. Post your config entry for MMM-BMW-OW in a code block so I can look at it.

    The module is working as expected here.

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    Re: MMM-BMW-OW

    Several users posted the same issue. It was a mistake on my part when writing up the readMe. In error, I had apiKey: "", in the config sample when it should be api: "",. My apologies. I have corrected the readme. To those that posted an issue, my thanks for bringing the problem to my attention.

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