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Building dashboard with touch controls

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m new to this forum so sorry if I misplaced this topic. I’m starting right now on creating my first own magic mirror. But in my implementation I’d like to do more of a kitchen dashboard with a timer, Sonos, calendar,…
    The idea is to implement everything with touch controls.
    On the software side I’ll hopefully figure everything out myself.
    This dashboard should be placed in someone like a echo show or similar. But I have not found any nice looking case yet.
    Do you have a idea what I could use there?

    Best regards

  • Project Sponsor

    Most of the enclosures for the mirrors here are custom made by their creators. You might be able to get away with a pre-made touch screen monitor w/case that was designed for an embedded app (similar to a mall kiosk). I think sells the monitors and a handful come with cases.

    For a kitchen dashboard, perhaps mounting a slim monitor underneath a cabinet. If you can find the right mount for it, it could swing up & away when you’re not using it. The wires can either be run along the back inside edge of the cabinet or put all the electronics deep in the cabinet and poke a hole through the bottom.

    That would keep the woodworking down to a minimum.

  • Module Developer

    @Lucker25 I’m planning the same so keep an eye out for my modules. Maybe we can work together on some things.
    I’m currently building several modules with touch support (todo list, timer, alarm, shopping list, soccer standings, stocks…) and have finished a virtual keyboard (MMM-Keyboard).

    I’m planning to just build a simple case from wood and I’m using one of the several displays (7 inch 1200 * 600 px) on the market for the raspi.

  • Thank you both for the replys @bhepler &@lavolp3 .
    I´ll have a look in the adafruit shop.
    If I don´t find a matching display + case the alternative would be integrating this into the door of my hanging cabinet.

    @lavolp3 :
    I like that idea.
    I´m getting started right now with a timer module. (My first Module for MM)
    As a timer it´s working fine, but I still want to do some improvements to it.

    • Like touch swiping for changing the timer
    • Maybe I´ll figure out how to play the alarmsound via sonos
    • Maybe the posibility to remote control the timer (via the smartphone)

    Modules I want to add are:

    • Sonos touch controls (maybe even picking playlists and songs)
    • Some kind of NavigationBar
    • Microsoft ToDo (I´ve seen there is a module, i didn´t test it yet).
      Maybe I´ll add some kind of navigation to go through all the different lists.

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    @Lucker25 said in Building dashboard with touch controls:

    If I don´t find a matching display + case the alternative would be integrating this into the door of my hanging cabinet.

    That sounds like a very simple solution. You would just need to pull the cabinet door off the hinges, cut out a hole for the display, run a router along the inside edges if you’re feeling fancy, fabricate a bracket for the monitor and then attach the Pi & power to the inside of the door. If you’re feeling like you can make cuts within a 1/2 centimetre or so, you won’t even need a case for the monitor - just cut the opening slightly smaller than the screen size.

    Although you may wish to mount the Pi on the inside wall of the cabinet. Up to you.

  • Yes I think so too, the only problem with this solution is that it is fixed in one place.
    An alternative Idea I had, is reusing an old “smart display” like an echo show/lenovo smart diplay.
    But I´m not sure if I can connect the raspberry to those screens/touchcontroller…

  • Module Developer

    @Lucker25 can you let me have a link to your timer module?

    Reg. NavigationBar: This is mine:


    This works with MMM-pages

    And regarding ToDo:

    I’m having problems with the API. I can call all lists and items but can’t find my way around Microsoft graph and adding new items or deleting items via input.
    Do you maybe know a solution to that?

    See the current status here:

    I’ll publish this later under another name since it’s completely different from the original

    We have the same goals, let’s work together on it!

  • Module Developer

    @lavolp3 Have now found the documentation for the Microsoft Graph API. I Will work on this presumably tomorrow.

  • @lavolp3
    sorry for the late response, I didn´t get to work on my dashborad in the last few days… I hope to find some time on the weekend 😕

    The Timer is in an really early state of “development”.
    I´ll create an git for it in now, I´ll then add the link.

    Yes I like that idea 👍

    Here is the code for the TimerModule:
    I hope it´ll work for you okay, as I said, there are many things I still need to add.
    Since today my screen arrived. I had some suff to do there 😉

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