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iFrame and daily changing url ...

  • Hello MM-Fans,
    I would like to bring the content of a website (my children’s school timetable) to my mirror via iFrame. Basically no problem, but the page requires

    • a registration (user / password)
    • a mouse click on an image
    • until I come to a URL that changes daily and which I can display via iFrame.

    Has one of you already solved such a problem?
    I would be happy about every idea.

  • is there possibly a workaround with python?

  • it depends on how the “user / passwort” and the required mouse click is implemented and what it actually does…
    Without more details it is hard to give you an answer here.

    In the worst case you could use a scripted headless chrome in the background that logs in, clicks the image and takes a screenshot of the page 😉

  • @Jalibu
    Thanks for your reply.
    I just can give the url …

    My Problem:
    The normal use is to login with user/passwort.
    After the login it looks like that:

    On this page i have to click on the plan to get the larger version (cutout):

    On the right side is a button to get a side for the MM.
    See the url …

    Another problem: On this site, there is information for 2 days. To switch between the days, i have to klick the “” on the upper left hand site.

    So the main problem is to get the “ …” every day and how to pass this changing url every day to the iFrame module. If i use this url, i didn’t have to use a user/passwort.

    The second problem is to get the information for the right day … ("")

    Any ideas?

  • @MyMirror so, it would take some programming and investigation

    investigation is using the developers window on those pages to see if there is any ID or layout u can find to locate the button/column elements to send a click to

    then programming wise you can get to the doc in the iframe and send the clicks

  • I would inspect the network traffic and try to reproduce it on the node backend.

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