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MMM-Traffic 2.0

  • Hello everyone! After a very long hiatus from working on this project, I decided to revive support for MMM-Traffic by releasing version 2.0.0! The biggest change with v2 is that the module now uses the Mapbox API instead of Google Maps. I also accomplished some other goals with this release:

    • Show any config/API errors right in the module on your mirror for easy debugging
    • Simplify config options
    • Simplify and improve documentation
    • Greatly simplify code for easier contribution

    Check out the README to see instructions for getting your Mapbox API token as well as using Google Maps (lol) to get coordinates for your origin and destination. Please open Github issues if you run into any problems you can’t figure out as that’s the best way to keep them organized and share knowledge with each other.

    I hope you enjoy!

  • Module Developer

    @SamLewis0602 Great Sam!
    Looks great.
    I know that you’d like to be finished 🙂 but an option to switch between commuting roads intraday, e.g. in the morning (to work) and in the evening (back) would be great 🙂
    And not difficult to implement I suppose 🙂

  • @lavolp3 Interesting idea! Thanks for throwing it out there. I’d love to have a little more context about how it would apply for your case. Maybe someone at home that could see if your commute home is going to be longer or something like that?

    In the mean time, if you open an issue on the github repo I will mark it as enhancement and others can comment as well 😁

  • @SamLewis0602 said in MMM-Traffic 2.0:

    Maybe someone at home that could see if your commute home is going to be longer or something like that?

    Yes that would be good! - for example, between 07:00-09:00 ‘Home To School’ and between 14:30-16:00 ‘School To Home’

  • @robertybob if you check out this example in the README, you can actually do exactly that! Just add 2 MMM-Traffic modules and set the hours accordingly for each route.

  • @SamLewis0602 : I have the module 2 times (00:00-24:00) with 2 different destinations. The module shows me the same duration to arrive the destination. Is there a workaround?

  • @ostfilinchen Do you expect them to be the same duration? If you are just wondering how to tell the difference between the two, look at the firstLine and secondLine options in the and you can customize what you see in the module. Check out the examples in the README as well

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