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TV vs. Monitor

  • I keep going back on forth on if to use a tv or a monitor for my new build. TV are now so cheap. What do you guys think are the pros and cons of use either one?

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    Monitors are generally lighter due to less components… I find that TVs even with the right inputs tend to get weird with computer signals… etc…

    I’m almost to the point of never buying a TV again, personally. just bigger monitors, because of all the useless junk in the TV.

  • It you get a nice Tv a remote may helpful and if it’s used as photo frame roll over magic mirror and it may have two HDMI socket it can be used a second screen for pc and its cheaper. Most monitors only have one Hdmi in low cost range . If their used as mirror in my opinion if you can get laptop screen with a drive board its best as its so slim . Monitors are slimmer then tv’s but can cost more ,pictures quietly is not an issue a you most seeing the mirror.
    Deciding what best depends on your pocket if you go with glass it’s much better than film the cost between acylic or glass is about 25 pound more if you look around . It’s more about weight it can get very heavy.

    Best thing to is it up a Tv you have and get it all working with add-on modules on the same size your going to use
    Before deciding.

    Hope my opinion has been helpful

  • Most monitors are IPS panels while most TV’s are VA panels. IPS has wider viewing angles with consistent color. The VA panels have better refresh rates for motion (which is not commonly needed for something like a mirror).

    TV’s can be an easy choice because they can be much more available and a remote could be useful. A monitor will generally make for a preferred screen by having better viewing angles and being lighter overall.

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