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Looking for a European weather provider

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    Well may as well let the cat outta the proverbial bag here…

    I’ve been working on a weather version for some time now… it uses the US NOAA weather info.

    1. it’s totally free to people within the us as it’s Government data
    2. Yes you need an api key but the allowed ‘calls’ is so high you’d never reach it even if you
      were calling it every second. 🙂

    What I’m looking for is a European weather provider that offers free weather data so I can include it much like I did with NOAA3.

    This would be NOAA4 😉

    NOAA3 is suffering from lack of data issues and honestly it took me weeks to build that. I have NO desire to tear that apart and totally rewrite it. Too much work and I don’t have the time but as I’ve been developing this NOAA [American only] module for weeks without really saying anything to combat the other weather providers who now want you to pay for your data. The whole idea of MM is to find free data as no one is making money on this. It’s frustrating to see how big companies have bought up all the weather providers and are changing and charging people.

    NOAA3 will work but if you want to pay for the data. That’s a ‘negative ghost rider’…

    SO if you know of a European weather provider [possibly your government does it too like NOAA] please send me links so I can look at it.

    I would LOVE to make this work for as many as possible. Yeah yeah I know I said I was ‘leaving’ but since this is on the table and mostly already done I figured “Hey why not, one more time.”

    Thank you!

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    This post is deleted!

  • Not sure if your still looking but I use Openweathermap with a free API key to display UK weather in my standard MM weather modules. If you can include UK coverage in your latest project I would love to give it a try as I have looked at other weather modules but couldn’t get them working using a free API key.

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    Hi, if you are still interested…
    I currently use the free Weatherbit api to display German weather in the NOOA3 module.

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    @wishmaster270 : I thinking to use it too for another module with DarkSky design… I don’t like design of NOOA3

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    @cowboysdude Hi, I use for my default weather module…works fine.
    I’m from Germany.

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