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MMM-WeasleyClock: authorization error

  • Hi there,
    I’m a newbie here and I do not know if this is the right place for this post. So please apologize for possibly bothering you…

    I realized my first magic mirror on a Raspi a few weeks ago and it worked instantly without any errors! (Thanks a lot to Michael Teeuw and all of you!!!)
    I was so thrilled that I wanted to setup a second one with just the “Weasley Clock” for my youngsters - no sooner said then done. I set up my own MQTT broker (mosquitto) and installed the MMM-WeasleyClock. The broker is up and running and the installed owntracks apps on our mobile phones have been connected successfully.

    When I start the magic mirror it crashes as soon as I include the MMM-WeasleyClock module. To my mind this is not a magic mirror error because there is no error when I remove the MMM-WeasleyClock module.
    I set up mosquitto with TLS/certificates, ACL and user/passwords. Hence I think that I have a bad configuration of the MMM-WeasleyClock module:


    Please accept my apologies if this is not the the right forum (and close/delete this issue).
    Any hints highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

    May the code be with you!

  • Module Developer

    @kai This is EXACTLY the right forum for your question.

    You seem to have an error in your MQTT settings.
    Maybe a wrong password?

  • @lavolp3 thanks a lot, you made my day!
    That was it… user/password and certificates is too much security. 😉
    I adjusted the MMM-WeasleyClock’s password configuration and it works!

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