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Adding modules more than once

  • I would like to add modules more than once to my mirror but I encounterd some problems. I have two scenarios I would like to do with my mirror:

    The first one is using the Newsfeed module twice. After I added the possibilty to show images from newsfeeds I would like to add it once as a newsticker in the bottom corner (without an image) and an second time in a top corner to show recipes with a tasty image. This runs almost fine, one strange this is that the seconds module freezes in “loading” mode until the second update iteration. After that iteration it runs fine.

    The seconds scenario is using the MMM-Carousel module to display sport results. Therefore I add the MMM-NFL module once and the MMM-soccer three times to show the table from Spain, England and Germany. I would like to rotate between these 4 modules. Right now it shows only the NFL and one soccer module, the other two are lost.

    I guess, the reason is that in config.js the modules do not have unique names, they just have a module name. So when you add a module several times this could lead to unexpected behavior.

    What do you think guys, which way could be the best: Adding a id value in the config modules that uniquely defines a module? This would be a breaking change to the API where everybody has to adopt it. Or adding an alias value which could be optional and when not set it is equal to the module value?

    Or are there maybe already custom modules that could fulfill my needs? I didn’t check the code yet, how easy this would be to implement. What do you think, has anybody similiar needs? Should I go for it?

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    @TheSwissGuy the id you are asking for is the identifier which is already in the system and looks like module_1_MMM-soccer etc.

    for the newsfeed i have no clue.

    propably the carousel is not working with the identifier

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