MMM-TouchPlayerBasic - Simple Webradio and mp3 Playlist player.

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    This module caters to you who are running touch mirrors and want to be able to just choose a radio station or playlist and play it, no fuzz just buzz.
    Simple audio controls like volume up/down and mute/unmute.
    Pressing stop kills the radio and playlist that is playing and hides all buttons so only the start button is visible.

    I made this for my intended touch mirror but since plans have changed I can no longer use it, better somebody else that runs touch can!

    Thanks to @gismo2006 for making the MMM-Voiceradio that this module is based on.




    Version 0.1

    • First release
    • Can play mp3 files, streamed via webradio or playlists (.m3u only)
    • Controls master volume of your Pi

  • Moderator

    I did not test it, but the interface on your screenshots looks awesome

  • Module Developer

    @yawns Thanks!

    For those who don’t want to install it, here is a link to show the animations :

  • The design looks great ! Going to try it soon !

  • Module Developer

    Got asked how to hide the text above the icons, the easiest way is to add

    .MMM-TouchPlayerBasic .rotate {display: none;}

    To your custom.css file

  • @broberg

    Love the look, and how it just flicks out… very very sleek, … If only this could be used by us Non-Touch screen users, I’d proudly have this in mines.

  • tnx for this module now i can hook up my squeezebox to my magic mirror since that does not requier touch at all can be remote controlled :)

  • @Toast said in MMM-TouchPlayerBasic - Simple Webradio and mp3 Playlist player.:

    tnx for this module now i can hook up my squeezebox to my magic mirror since that does not requier touch at all can be remote controlled :)

    Mmmmmm… please tell me more as I am looking to do something/anything to have a good/decent player on my MM… I am using VLC atm, and have that shuffle all music, but for whatever reaon, it will loose BT connection to my Soundbar, and a 5 minute flaff about to find the BT again… Yet the BT never looses if I BT from my phone, so it is either the Pi BT, or VLC itself?

  • @johnnyboy Logitech Squeezebox player is an old player (but still developed) that allows you to stream music to small devices like pi or computer or phones for that matter

    all you need is a client to receive the music via logitechs own protocol or m3u files so you already support it but if you want to implement native support that would be awesome.

    for more info on the protocol

    and i do belive there is a package for nodejs for the protocol

    not sure how good it is.

  • @Toast
    Thanks will have a look at those. I seen some code on some website that I bookmarked on other PC that can be used with AlexaPi to enable Airplay on the Pi/MM so will see about trying that first as obvioulsy that would allow streaming from PC and Phone… but wont get to try that out for another week yet.

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