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EoF's Touch Screen Magic Mirror (Testing Phase)

  • This is a work in progress, but I had posted here before about how capcitive based touchscreens will not work for this, so I wanted to show my success with a resisitve based one.

    This is a touch screen panel kit, over a normal LCD monitor. I got this one for about $60 from AliExpress. Mirror Film was used over top of the panel.

    I didn’t spend a whole lot of time making it look nice, so it’s not perfect right now. I plan to cut the excess mirror film on the sides off or hide them in an enclosure later down the road.

    But for anyone thinking about making a touch screen mirror, this works!

  • What module are you using for the music control ?:)

  • @Rahansen Hello! One of my own modules here.

  • Very nice work!

  • link to the resistive touch screen?

  • @cyberphox

    But I have a major problem now… The ribbon that connects to the display has a tear in it. I assume it got twisted the wrong way. This really puts a major halt to my project unless I can somehow repair it.

    torn ribbon cable

  • ouch…doesn’t look good…I have a 2 way mirror…but may look into this touchscreen option with mirror film

  • @cyberphox Yeah this is a major snag for me. I’ve read up on some conductive ink pins that might do the trick repairing this. If it turns out that it doesn’t though… looks like I’ll be ordering a new panel 😕

    However, when the touch screen was working, it was working pretty good! Even better than on the demo video in my original post (which was on a windows machine).

    There is some tricky calibration stuff you have to do to get it to play nice with the pi though.

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    You’re better off replacing the ribbon cable, if you can find a replacement. You’ll likely have to desolder it on the other end, then resolder the new one on.

    Or, alternatively, take the ribbon cable off and solder your own wires and connector on.

  • @KirAsh4 Hi! I was actually able to get this working again (with some help). I tried a bunch of different things to avoid soldering because of the plastic on the ribbon, but I got to a point to where I said “whelp, it’s already broken so might as well just go for it” and believe it or not, it works now! I had to remove some of the plastic to expose the copper wire on both sides of the split, but then after that the solder completed the circuit and it’s working fine again.

    I also went ahead and electric taped the hell out of the connector where the split was before so that this doesn’t happen again. Some heat shrink wrap was also applied for an extra layer of security :p