calendar: different spaces between symbol and text when different sources used

  • Hi all!

    First of all thanks to Michael and his helping hands for the great magicmirror project. I really love it and I think it’s all together a technical and optical highlight!

    I have some little troubles with the calendar module. It’s not a real bug - it’s more an optical and design problem:
    The first calender I added is a public Apple iCloud calendar from my account (webcal://…) named "Familie"
    The second one is an iCalendar feed from the university I attend (…) named “FH Campus Wien”

    Everything is working fine and I get the correct appointments. But the iCloud calender has beginning blanks. Please take a look at the attached screenshots.


    The interessting thing is, with every refresh or browser restart there are sometimes more, sometimes less blanks. I don’t know where they are comming from. They are not in the appointment created in iCloud or iPhone. I also created a second calender on iCloud, but the result is the same.

    Does anyone have any ideas? What can I look for?

    Please take a look at my config:
    Platform: Pi Zero
    Node Version [ 0.12.13 or later ]: 4.2.1
    MagicMirror Version [ V1 / V2-Beta ]: v2
    Browser: Chromium Version 51.0.2704.91 Built on Ubuntu 14.04, running on Raspbian 8.0

    Thanks a lot!!
    Kind regards,

  • Module Developer

    I’m wondering, since the lower calender has a “full” title, is it a spacing issue?

    I.e when there is a long title it is force to take up all space and when it’s a short title it gets more space?

  • Hi broberg!

    100 points!! - great work - you’re absolutly right!
    Thank you!!

    I added an appointment with the same text - pls take a look:

    Any idea how I can fix this? Maybe editing a css-File with “alignment-left”?

    Thanks a lot!
    Kind regards,

  • Module Developer

    Try adding

    .calendar .symbol {width: 20px;}
    .calender .time {width: 50px;}

    To the custom.css

  • Do you mean this way?

     body {
     	.calendar .symbol {width: 20px;}
    	.calender .time {width: 50px;}

    Sadly it’s not working this way…
    Any other idea?

    Thanks a lot for your time, broberg!!

    Kind regards,

  • Module Developer

    @strizl no, not inside the body {}

    you could try increasing the size to see a more clear effect

  • Hi broberg!

    Thanks again for your help!

    It’s working now. It was only due to the vnc viewer connection - this caused a space or resolution error. On the TFT screen everything’s fine!
    But good to know where I can play with the CSS options…

    Thanks again and kind regards,

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