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MMM-phone-notifications & text messages

  • Hi all,

    Complete noobie here to almost everything magic mirror related (raspberry pi, linux, python & javascript, wood working). Just finished my mirror and have it up and running with a couple modules. (MMM-fitbit & MMM-phone-notifications)

    I have a question related to the phone_notifications module. Has anybody been able to get incoming text messages to appear on your mirror? Currently mine will show me IFTTT alerts, current phone calls but for some reason I don’t get a notification for text messages.

    I’m on Android (v 7.1.1) and using textra (v 3.30) as my messaging app. Added the sample code to my config.js with my pushbullet access token (pushbullet also installed on phone).

    Anybody have any suggestions or able to point me in a direction?



  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    I do not have an answer for you, sorry. However, I’d be interested to know if you get it working, and in that case, if it would work with an iPhone 6

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