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IR Touchframe suggestions?

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    I need to order my 32" touch frame… anyone have any ideas?

    I know I can get them at AliExpress but am a bit concerned as to reliability…

  • @cowboysdude said in IR Touchframe suggestions?:


    Following, as I am planning on buying from AliExpress aswell.

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    Hi @Core-Contributors @mortenbirkelund! I have bought a IR Frame (32 inch) from AliExpress actually. 🙂
    And it works as a “HID” device. There are no drivers for ARM that I could find. Just so you know. You can also use the xinput_calibaration tool, but I can’t get the values to stick. Not in any on the suggested conf-files. My plan where to buy a slightly bigger IR-frame then my monitor, to be able to have the camera behind the mirror. But, due to the lac of possibility to “set” the active surface (with the calibration tool) I’m rethinking… (bought a bigger screen…).
    And if you want to use it in portrait mode (I do), the only way I found was to enter in the following after boot (I’m doing it from SSH manually for the moment): DISPLAY=:0.0 xinput --set-prop "Multi touch Multi touch overlay device" "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" 0 1 0 -1 0 1 0 0 1
    the only problem I’m facing right now is to get that command to start at the correct time, basically everything has to have been started before entering it.
    The HID device do support multi-touch, and you can “Zoom” the mirror. If that’s what you want. But I really only use it for single point. The precision is ok but it’s a bit hard to “not” klick when pointing (whatever you want to do that for in this application). 🙂

    Ask away if you have any questions. 🙂

  • My plan was also to buy a bigger frame than screen, and then use the calibration tool… Seems weird that the values won’t stick… Please let me know if you find a solution for this as I would like my frame slightly bigger than the screen, as you do.

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    @mortenbirkelund I have only tried with Jessie and Jessie Lite on a RPi 3. Nothing else. It may work in another dist or with another hardware. But I really don’t know why It’s not “applying” the values. The file(s) are read (I tested that by “breaking” them and that gives errors…). So the system goes through them when booting, but the values are not applied… I have been googeling my eyes out on this. 🙂

  • I am waiting for my raspberry pi 3 to arrive as well, but haven’t ordered my IR frame yet so can’t help. But I am planning the same setup as you.
    I’ve read a few tutorials and it seemed fairly easy to do the calibration but apparently not.
    It seems a bit daring to go with the exact same setup and then just hope not getting the error that you getting. Perhaps I should go with a smaller IR frame that fits the screen… Or perhaps I should hope that the IR frame I’m ordering is better than yours. Even though it doesn’t sound like a problem with the frame…

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    @mortenbirkelund Nah, I DO think there is a solution. I have just not found it yet. 🙂 It’s better to be two persons “googeling” I guess. I may also have missed something, you never know. Do you want to share the tutorials you have found? I can try them out. 🙂
    I bought this frame:
    Another thing that also got me to rethink to a bigger screen was the fact that the “Facial-Recognition” is not very fast. I never got it to recognize me faster then about 10-15 seconds standing in front of the camera (and that without it being behind the mirror and in daylight), and therefore it’s to slow. It may be OK for me, but I KNOW my wife never will agree to “wait” for the mirror to show her stuff. It’s a cool idea, but… So I also set it up to have “touch” buttons for each profile (with MMM-TouchNavigation)… Well… It’s still some road to walk before my mirror is complete. I’m currently waiting fir the actual mirror. 🙂

  • Well no specific. Just Google it and found a few guides that I browsed through. I didn’t went into details as I am still waiting for my raspberry pi 3. Currently I have MM installed on and old Lenovo laptop. Can’t wait for my raspberry pi to come 😊

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    @mortenbirkelund I have read all of the 10 first topics in that search. 🙂 But as I said before. It’s better with two brains googeling then one. 🙂

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    I’ve ordered a Touch Film
    but this will take some time, untill this arrives in Switzerland 😃

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