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  • Hey there!

    I was thinking about a way to easily host MagicMirror and display the webpage on any device in the home network.
    First thing that came to my mind, why not a Docker container for the Server-Only application?
    Would be a really smooth way to host magicmirror on say… a homeserver, and use a rpi zero or any other network capable device to display the webpage in kiosk mode.

    Let me know what you think! :)

  • @Kukielka58 there will be docker support in the next version

  • @strawberry-3.141 well, that was unexpected… Good for me tho!
    Thanks alot! :)

  • Hi,
    trying to work with docker after the release of MM v.2.1.1.

    The documentation says to start docker with:

    docker run  -d \
    			--publish 80:8080 \
    			--restart always \
    			--volume ~/magic_mirror/config:/opt/magic_mirror/config \
    			--volume ~/magic_mirror/modules:/opt/magic_mirror/modules \
    			--name magic_mirror \

    That doesn’t work, so google helped and this is working:

    docker run  -d \
    			--publish 80:8080 \
    			--restart always \
    			--volume ~/magic_mirror/config:/opt/magic_mirror/config \
    			--volume ~/magic_mirror/modules:/opt/magic_mirror/modules \
    			--name magic_mirror \

    Now docker ps tells me that all is running but i can’t see the site in my browser.
    I tried localhost:8080 and localhost:8183, doesn’t work.

    The documentation says to update the config with the Docker Host IP address.
    So I tried to get this with

    # As of Docker v1.3 you can attach to a bash shell
    docker exec -it  2e23d01384ac  bash
    # That drops you into a bash shell then use the 'ip' command to grab the addr
    root@2e23d01384ac:/# ip add | grep global
        inet scope global eth0

    but inserting this in whitelist still doesn’t work.

    May someone here knows what I’m doing wrong …



  • Update: I found no valid mm container in the docker store.

    You can build your own docker image locally with

    docker build -t magic_mirror .

    and run it with

    docker run  -d --publish 8080:8080 --restart always --volume ~/magic_mirror/config:/opt/magic_mirror/config --volume ~/magic_mirror/modules:/opt/magic_mirror/modules --name magic_mirror magic_mirror

    and open it in your browser with


    Be aware of this issue.


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