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Perfect Project to motivate my Son, We did It

  • Thanks to all of you for share so wonderful Project.

    Trying to find something to motivate my 10 years old Son, I discovered MagicMirror2 . In a lightly slow process (2 mounths) working after school My Son was able to build his own Magic Mirror following instructions, stopping every time to make him understand the meaning of every step. I can tell that he perfectly understood more that 70% of the whole challenge. Now is happy and self motivated. From my side I also learned a lot of new things thanks to the Project.
    In General Lines:

    • Because is a small size mirror (saving costs) we decide to show some static modules and the rest of the modules installed are shown or hide thru command voices in the upper_third position.
    • We did’ t build the Mirror frame because there are no carpentry skills at home, so we ordered online as custom size.
    • The Two Way Mirror Acrylic was the most cheaper one on the market. I guess there are better quality out there.
      Anyway we got everything installed and working as expected.
      We share some Photos here:







  • Tell your son that is FANTASTIC!!! Great job Dad! 🙂

  • Module Developer

    I guess we now have the youngest to make a MagicMirror. Congratulations to your son on a job most beautifully done and my commendations to you for being a fantastic father. You guys are awesome! 👍🏻