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  • Two things:

    1. in your node_helper.js the line socketNotificationReceived(notification, payload) should be self.socketNotificationReceived(notification, payload), otherwise the scripts stops with an error and the command will never executed.
    2. in my case, the command line is reached, but nothing happens. Do I have to set the position in the config.js?

  • Module Developer

    Hi no you Do not need to Set the Position because the omxplayer does not start in the mirror display but as an overlay.
    I am running the git version of my module myself and do not get any errors (it is working as expected here). Unfortunatelly I am not home the next few days and and can not check the code right now…
    But I will if i find time.

    Until then you should check if you have installed all needed prerequisites. Maybe this is an issue?!

  • Admin

    @witschi87 it should indeed be correct as it is right now since you are overwriting a function adding self should break that especially since self is not even defined at that point.

  • Admin

    If you meant setTimeout(function(){socketNotificationReceived(notification, payload)},2000); on the other hand, this should not work at all! What is this supposed to do?

  • @paviro Yes, I mean setTimeout(function(){socketNotificationReceived(notification, payload)},2000);. This is an even call to wait the download is finished. The downloadVideo-Function has a callback to set the this.loaded = true and after that the socketNotificationReceived-Function runs the But at this point nothings happens…

  • Module Developer

    ok I see I will change that…
    Well if you never run into the ‘setTimeout’ call it works as expected 👼

    But the video should be played. Can you tell me what podcast you are using and if the video is downloaded properly (can you play it from your directory)?

  • I’m using the 100 seconds Tagesschau podcast. The video is downloaded properly and I can play it from directory. I have also checked, that the is reached with a console.log. But nothing happens - no error message and no video is playing 😞
    While we are at it: what is the best way to develop a module? Do I need to restart the application (pm2 restart/reload mm) every time I am changing a node_helper?

  • Module Developer

    Yes. That is the way i am doing it

  • Module Developer

    Have you tried playing the video using the omxplayer?

  • via ssh-console? How can I do that?

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