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MMM-Scrobbler doesn't show album art

  • Hi.
    I’m using the MMM-Scrobbler Module. It works well. But the album art (album image) isn’t shown. It is only a little square instead of the album art. When I open the MM in Chromium the album art is shown, though. Where is the mistake?

    Thanks for help.

  • I am having this issue too. But it seems to only be when playing Tunein radio, it will show the artist and song bun not the artwork. When I play an Amazon song it works just fine. Was there a solution to this? Or a known error?

  • Module Developer

    @jasondreher I have similar issues with TuneIn radio using the Sonos module. Not all TuneIn radio stations include album art, and sometimes they only include a logo for the station. Maybe that’s the issue?