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Beginner question - is this configuration possible?

  • Hi all, first message to this Forum, thanks in advance for taking the time to help.

    I’m somewhat experienced in integrating hardware and messing about Linux, but I am not sure if I want to build is possible so I wanted to check with you guys first.

    After seeing all these cool MM projects, I wanted to build one for our kitchen/living room. The idea is to display a family calendar, messages, etc, pretty standard stuff. However, I would like to have some rough configurability on it - to change the mode to not showing personal information when we are entertaining people for example. The UI needs to be very simple of course, no cables or input devices allowed.

    I got to thinking about a web cam and a microphone, to use gesture- and/or voice commands to provide input to the system.

    Then I started to think that if there is a webcam, could the device also be used for video calls? It would be awesome for my daughter to be able to call the grandparents, or start a quick call to my partner while cooking.

    So the feature list is:

    1. Google calendar integration
    2. Configurable modes
    3. Rough UI using gestures and/or voice commands
    4. Video call possibility
    5. Slideshow of selected family pictures when user not seen (?)

    Let me know what you think of this set-up!

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    @Shrike all above exists already except for nr.4 which is the only one that could be a issue due to the lack of power on the raspberry I think.

  • @broberg Great, thank you!

    Is there a standard set of “most likely to work” -hardware (PI+Webcam+power hub) that would provide the least amount of hassle?

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    @Shrike Since I don’t use a cam to my setup I can’t really tell.

    But I guess the easiest is going all Raspberry PI (stock power supply, raspberry camera and a pi 3)