My display so far...

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    @ring23 I actually plan on making a new sports module that combines all the sports into one.

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    @ring23 There are already several…

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    Here’s my calendar app. Configuration is identical to the default calendar app. if you clone this, then change your calendar config to MMM-MyCalendar, it should just work.

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    I should mention that I have a few rules in my custom CSS that apply to all modules. You won’t get my exact same visual style with just these modules alone. Add whichever rules you want from those below into your custom.css file:

    /* Limit the width of the left and right columns to 300px */
    .region.right .module-content,
    .region.left .module-content {
      max-width: 300px;
    /* Increase vertical spacing of text in table cells */
    table td {
      line-height: 1.75;
    /* Allows styling of row elements in tables.  You need this for the next rule */
    table.small {
    /* Add an underline to table rows - also requires the rule above this one */
    table tr {
      border-bottom: solid 1px #222;
    /* blue colour styling for module headers */
    .module-header {
      color: #82bae5;
      border-bottom-color: #82bae5;
      font-size: 15.5px;
      font-family: "Roboto";

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    Here’s my Nest module

    Note that I have no idea what this looks like with multiple thermostats, as I only have one in my home. Nor have I tested list mode. Kind of defeats the purpose of why I modified this module.

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    The last two – Sonos and Scoreboard – need a bit more work before I can release them. Will work on those over the next week or so. Meanwhile, enjoy, and let me know if something doesn’t seem quite right.

  • I’m using your MMM-MyWeather module and it’s great. My problem is that I want to add another module to display the weather from two different cities. If I duplicate the entry in the config file, it does show two modules but the data is identical in both even though I changed the PWS ID. I even tried a different apikey for each but that didn’t work either. Is there any fix for this? Thanks.

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    @Chiumanfu I haven’t tried to do that. This is a fork of MMM-WunderGround, and the data pull mechanism is unchanged. My changes are only in the formatting. I suspect that the two instances are sharing a single node-helper module, and as such, you’ll see the same data for both.

    Can you try a test for me? Configure one instance using MMM-MyWeather, and the second using MMM-WunderGround. If you get different data sets for the two, then there’s likely a way to address this. Otherwise, what might be happening is the API recognizes two requests from the same machine, and isn’t allowing multiple locations. Might be a limitation of the free API.

  • @j.e.f.f Yes, it works as expected when using MMM-Wunderground to display the second location. It would be nice to have them display both in MMM-MyWeather but if the fix is difficult, I can live with it this way. Thanks.

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    @Chiumanfu I took a look at the way node_helper.js behaves for this module. It will take a considerable amount of re-engineering to get it to support multiple instances, and given that I am in the middle of a couple of other modules, I don’t think I’ll try to address this any time soon.

    What you can do is instead of specifying two instances of the MMM-MyWeather module, make a copy of the module folder, name it, say, MMM-MyWeather2. rename MMM-MyWeather.js to MMM-MyWeather2.js. Then modify MMM-MyWeather2.js and change the first line of code from

    Module.register("MMM-MyWeather", {


    Module.register("MMM-MyWeather2", {

    Now you have two distinct modules that do exactly the same thing. Make a second entry in your config.js file for MMM-MyWeather2. That should give you exactly what you are looking for.

    The downside here is that you’ll need to redo the above steps if you ever update the module source code. I don’t see it changing all that much in the near future unless something breaks, so you should be good for a while.