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Problem Getting IP Address for Remote Control Module

  • I am having trouble getting the IP address for my iPhone to use with the Remote Control module. The IP address often fluctuates, is there any way I can select all possible IPs or a better way to get the IP for my iPhone?

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    You can always get your IP address for your iPhone from your router. Even better, you can set a static IP address for your iPhone in your router.

    What you do need is the IP address of your mirror in order to use Remote Control on your iPhone. The mirror should have a static IP address, though that is not necessary. It just makes it easier so you don’t have to enter a dynamic IP address every time the mirror’s IP address changes. You can either set up your Pi with a static IP address, or assign it a static IP address in your router.

  • You could also allow any ip to connect to the mirror by emptying the ipWhitelist array. I won’t recomand it because it mean that anybody on your network could manipulate your mirror but it’s easy.

  • @Mykle1 Thanks, do you have any visuals or guide on how to do this? When I go to the static section of the wifi network it is blank. How do I fix this?

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    @twosix this all depends on your router make and modell, google it.

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