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MMM-KeyBindings: Control your mirror with Amazon Fire Stick Remote and Generic Keyboard Inputs

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    MMM-KeyBindings is a Utility Module to accept inputs from an Amazon Fire Stick Remote (or any bluetooth-connected HID device) as well as generic keyboard inputs and pass them to other modules for control.

    The module can perform basic functions such as turning on/off the screen based on certain remote keys, but the real power is in the ability to send key press notifications to other modules. My plan is to use this to control other plugins such as my fork of @barnabycolby’s MMM-Carousel (Fork w/ Navigation Enabled: MMM-Carousel w/ KeyBindings and MMM-ProfileSwitcher to switch screens based on remote control input. In the future I also plan to add an on-screen menu with functions similar to those found in the MMM-RemoteControl module.

    See the README for full details on the features.


    Version 1.3.0 - Updated 3-Jan-2019 - [BREAKING CHANGES] See details here

  • Top module ! 🏆
    Unfortunately the slides are only visible on the monitor, and not in the browser.
    Have I overlooked something?

  • Module Developer

    @AgilesChroms First thing I would check: What browser are you using to view the mirror? If using Chrome/Chromium on the browser (or any others with DevTools), please check the console and see if there are any errors (Ctrl+Shift+I). Also, which modules are you using besides KeyBindings? Could you post or message me a snippet of your config file?

    I am using this module with my fork of MMM-Carousel on both the monitor connected to the Pi and a separate browser without issue.

  • @shbatm
    I am using your modules

    It works with Firefox.
    Unfortunately, remote control does not influence the browser

                module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
               //position: "top_bar",
                config: {
                    // See below for configurable options
                    enabledKeyStates: ["KEY_PRESSED", "KEY_LONGPRESSED"],
                    enableNotifyServer: true,
                    endableRelayServer: true, 	
                    handleKeys: true, //Array of additional keys to handle in this module above the standard set, Reference Mousetrap API for the available key enumerations.
                    evdev: {
                            enabled: true,
                            //alias: 'Amazon Fire TV Remote',
                            bluetooth: 'A0:02:DC:9B:78:6E',
                            eventPath: '/dev/input/event3',
                            disableGrab: false,
                            longPressDuration: 0.7,
                            rawMode: false
                module: 'MMM-Carousel',
                position: "bottom_bar",
                config: {
                    showPageIndicators: true,
                    showPageControls: 	true,
                    transitionInterval: 1 * 60 * 1000,
                    ignoreModules: ['alert'],
                    mode: 'slides',
                    slides: [
                        [ { name:'clock', classes:'zoom140', position:"top_center",displayType: "analog",} ],
                        [ { name:'clock', classes:'zoom100', position:"top_left"} , 'MMM-Traffic', 'calendar', 'compliments', 'MMM-WunderGround', 'MMM-Fuel', 'internet-monitor','newsfeed','MMM-DWD-WarnWeather','MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor'],
                        ['MMM-Globe', 'MMM-WunderGround','MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor', 'MMM-Callmonitor-Current-Call', 'newsfeed'],
                        [ { name:'clock', classes:'zoom075', position:"top_left"} , 'MMM-WunderGround', 'MMM-DHT-Sensor', 'MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor', 'MMM-Callmonitor-Current-Call', 'MMM-DWD-WarnWeather'],
                        [ { name:'clock', classes:'zoom100', position:"top_left"} ,'calendar', 'MMM-WunderGround', 'MMM-Fuel', 'MMM-DHT-Sensor', 'MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor', 'MMM-Callmonitor-Current-Call', 'newsfeed'],
                        ['mmm-weatherchart', 'MMM-Traffic']
     //clock calendar MMM-Fuel MMM-DHT-Sensor MMM-WunderGround MMM-DWD-WarnWeather MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor MMM-Callmonitor-Current-Call newsfeed internet-monitor                        
    /*               slides: 
                               name: 'MMM-WunderGround',
                        keyBindingsMode: "DEFAULT",
                    keyBindings: { 
                        NextSlide: "ArrowRight", 
                        PrevSlide: "ArrowLeft", 
    //                    Slide0:    "Return",
    //                    Slide1:    "Menu",
    //                    Slide2:    "MediaPreviousTrack",
    //                    Slide3:    "MediaNextTrack"

    take a look @ this.screencast

  • Module Developer

    @AgilesChroms By default, the Carousel module will only respond to remote control keys on the “server’s” screen. This was done so you could pull up the MM in a browser on another computer and navigate separately with a keyboard/mouse. It’s in the plan down the road for multiple remotes on different screens running from one server, but I haven’t made it that far yet.

    EDIT: I’m assuming that when you say browser, you’re talking about a browser on a different computer and not just another window on the server/RPi running MM. The suggestions below are based on that assumption.

    For now:

    First 2 corrections in your config:

    • Remove handleKeys: true, from MMM-KeyBindings, this is for adding extra keyboard keys to bind to.
    • Add "MMM-KeyBindings" to the ignoreModules list in MMM-Carousel (probably doesn’t do anything at the moment, but just future proofing).

    Next, 2 options for a fix:

    1. If you want to control the browser’s slides separately (i.e. from a keyboard attached to that computer):
      • In MMM-KeyBindings config section, add: enableMousetrap: true, which will turn on regular keyboard binding in the browser window.
      • Keyboard key presses only work when the browser is active and focused – usually have to click in the window and make sure it’s active before it will respond. I also had issues with some media keys not being sent to to browser at all-which is why I went with the evdev path in the first place.
      • Optional (and untested, but should work): If you want to use additional keyboard keys other than the standard keys, then in MMM-Carousel config section: add a duplicate entry in the keyBindings section:
        keyBindings: { 
            NextSlide: "ArrowRight", // Remote Key Name
            NextSlide: "r",          // Keyboard Key Name
            PrevSlide: "ArrowLeft",  // Remote Key Name
            PrevSlide: "l"           // Keyboard Key Name
        You’ll also need to add any new “non-default” keys to MMM-KeyBindings:
        handleKeys: [ 'r', 'l' ],
    2. If you want the remote to control ALL screens: Remove the following from Line 71 in modules/MMM-Carousel/MMM-Carousel.js
       && payload.Sender === this.instance
      • This is a temporary test for now. In the future I will add a config option for the remote to control all instances or just the main screen. At the moment there is no good way to synchronize the screens when just using the Previous/Next navigation (e.g. if your main screen is on Slide 2 and you open a browser to Slide 0 and press next, both will move but one will be on Slide 3 and the other Slide 1).

    Please let me know if this helps / works – still new to MM2 and just starting development of these modules so any feedback or feature requests are more than welcome! I’m glad someone else is able to make use of the modules.

  • @shbatm said in MMM-KeyBindings: Control your mirror with Amazon Fire Stick Remote and Generic Keyboard Inputs:

    keyBindings: {
    NextSlide: “ArrowRight”, // Remote Key Name
    NextSlide: “r”, // Keyboard Key Name
    PrevSlide: “ArrowLeft”, // Remote Key Name
    PrevSlide: “l” // Keyboard Key Name

    Double definition of keys does not work.
    The remote control is ignored!
    Extra buttons on the remote control are handled

    //                keyBindings: { 
                        NextSlide: "ArrowRight", // Remote Key Name
                        PrevSlide: "ArrowLeft",  // Remote Key Name
                        NextSlide: "k",          // Keyboard Key Name         
                        PrevSlide: "j",           // Keyboard Key Name
                        Slide0:    "Return",
                        Slide1:    "Menu",
                        Slide2:    "MediaPreviousTrack",
                        Slide3:    "MediaNextTrack"

  • Module Developer

    @AgilesChroms - I’m out of town for business, so bear with me since I’m unable to fully test these suggestions.

    To use custom keyboard keys AND the remote, you can also modify the evdevKeymap and handleKeys in the MMM-KeyBindings Config. The module tries to “map” the remote’s key names to more standard keyboard key names and this can be tweaked. For example in the MMM-KeyBindings Config:

     evdevKeymap: {  
         Home: "KEY_HOMEPAGE", 
         Enter: "KEY_KPENTER", 
         j: "KEY_LEFT",          // Change default "ArrowLeft" to "j"
         k: "KEY_RIGHT",         // Change default "ArrowRight" to "k"
         ArrowUp: "KEY_UP", 
         ArrowDown: "KEY_DOWN",
         Menu: "KEY_MENU", 
         MediaPlayPause: "KEY_PLAYPAUSE", 
         MediaNextTrack: "KEY_FASTFORWARD", 
         MediaPreviousTrack: "KEY_REWIND",
         Return: "KEY_BACK"
     handleKeys: ['j','k']       //  Add the new keys to the keyboard bindings

    In MMM-Carousel, you can now use:

     keyBindings: { NextSlide: "k", PrevSlide: "j", Slide0: "Return", ... }

    Side note:

    Something you may also find useful: the evdevKeymap tries to standardize keys, but if it receives a key that isn’t in the map, it will still pass it along. I use this to also control my Mirror via my home automation system using GET requests.

    For example: if you add a keybinding to MMM-Carousel like Slide1: "SomeSlideTitle", you can jump to that slide with a GET request to the following URL:

    // payload parameter is a url-encoded JSON string:
    {"KeyState": "KEY_PRESSED", "Duration": 0.0, "KeyName": "SomeSlideTitle"}

  • @shbatm
    I am now satisfied with the behavior. The screen is now syncron with the browser
    thank you for your help

  • Module Developer

    You are welcome. Glad you made it work and happy to see someone can make use of the module!

  • hey thk for module !

    i try to use it but i have some problem:

    i have put that on my conf file .

                module :  'MMM-KeyBindings' ,
                config : {
    				enableNotifyServer : false 

    i just want to use a local keyboard for now and i probably change after for remote.
    and on my module of pages organisation

    i have put your config :

    	curentPage: -1,
    	defaults: {
    		updateInterval:  1000,// 30 * 60 * 1000 //reads the file every 30 mins
        /*** defaults ***
         *   Add items below to your moduleName.js's `defaults` object
            /*** MMM-KeyBindings STANDARD MAPPING ***/
            /* Add the "mode" you would like to respond to */
            keyBindingsMode: "DEFAULT",
            keyBindings: {
                /* Add each key you want to respond to in the form:
                 *      yourKeyName: "KeyName_from_MMM-KeyBindings"
                Right: "ArrowRight",
                Left: "ArrowLeft",
                /* ... */
    	start: function(){
    		this.setupKeyBindings(); //key binding test
    		this.sendSocketNotification("START", this.config);
    notificationReceived: function(notification, payload){
    		if (this.validateKeyPress(notification, payload)) { return; }
    		if (notification === "PAGE_NUMBER_IS")
    			this.curentPage = payload
    			this.sendNotification("PAGE_CHANGED", this.curentPage);

    i have clone directory on my module folder.

    i have one error on console but she not cause by the module

    TypeError: Failed to execute 'appendChild' on 'Node': parameter 1 is not of type 'Node'.
        at updateModuleContent (main.js:206)
        at main.js:139
        at new Promise ()
        at updateDomWithContent (main.js:137)
        at main.js:119

    i have probably miss something but i dont find 😞
    i haven’t notification on console
    sorry for my bad language
    and thanks for your help

    i have miss on Line on config file

    but notification is not hear and probably never send 😞