MMM-KeyBindings: Control your mirror with Amazon Fire Stick Remote and Generic Keyboard Inputs

  • Description:

    MMM-KeyBindings is a Utility Module to accept inputs from an Amazon Fire Stick Remote (or any bluetooth-connected HID device) as well as generic keyboard inputs and pass them to other modules for control.

    The module can perform basic functions such as turning on/off the screen based on certain remote keys, but the real power is in the ability to send key press notifications to other modules. My plan is to use this to control other plugins such as my fork of @barnabycolby’s MMM-Carousel (Fork w/ Navigation Enabled: MMM-Carousel w/ KeyBindings and MMM-ProfileSwitcher to switch screens based on remote control input. In the future I also plan to add an on-screen menu with functions similar to those found in the MMM-RemoteControl module.

    It also adds an extra URL route as a “Notify” server which can be used to send module notifications from an external source, in my case this lets me turn on/off the screen using the nearby Amazon Echo, as well as through my home automation system using an ISY.

    See the README for full details on the features.


    Version 1.0.2

    Bug fixes: Bluetooth connection monitoring & evdev daemon automatic restart now works (using DBus).

    Known Issues: Everything that I need is currently working; however, this is still very much a work in progress, so please let me know if you try it and find any issues.

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