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Disable No-Singal output for any tv?

  • Hey all,

    I got a question about my mirror!
    I just want to pick an regular TV, put it in a frame and mount it all together.

    I got one problem, When i let my pir sensor do the trick, my tv gives the No-singal notification.
    Can i disable it somehow ore do i need to change something in my pir sensor script ??

    Ore is it possible to let my TV go off when my pir sensor isen`t picking up moving ?
    and when someone is moving infront of the mirror that my tv starts again ?

  • Moderator

    The nosignal thing is a feature of your tv, not the raspberry pi.
    You could check the menus of your tv to see if you can disable this feature. Or you check if your tv supports cec commands. Then you could install libcec on your pi and send your tv to standby and wake it up again when needed

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    @yawns I fought and fought and fought with this issue… even as far as contacting Samsung to see if there was a way via the service menu to get rid of it.

    Short answer is there likely isn’t. If your TV is a Samsung then there definitely isn’t.

    Eventually here’s what I ended up doing:

    1. Using the script to shut down the HDMI gave me the same issue that you’re seeing. No way to disable that message.

    2. I instead installed libCEC and I can successfully power the TV on and off, but whenever it comes back on I get a banner across the top of the picture with the current input and time. Stays on the screen for about 5 seconds. No way to disable this either…

    3. I had an old USB UIRT unit sitting around from an old HTPC project. I use that combined with a library called LIRC to send the “exit” remote key command to my TV’s IR receiver after the TV comes out of standby. I had to play with the timing but I was able to get it so that the input banner is only on the screen briefly. Not perfect but I can live with it.

    I’m setting up the script for the PIR sensors to operate independently of MagicMirror. That way MM can continue to do its thing in while the screen is in standby.

    I hope this helps!

  • @j.e.f.f
    Do i need to install it within the Pir script ore can i make it indepent of MagicMirror?

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    @Desertswing I suppose it can be done either way. In my case I thought it was simpler to not install another module for this, as it really has nothing to do with MM.

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    I’m using a 32" Vizio and believe it or not mine works great… the TV goes into a sleep mode but once I say “Wake up” the mirror comes back on and the TV as well…

    SO yes it could be a feature of the TV. I would check for settings in the TV like this one for Samsung:

    The Eco Solution function switches the power off if it detects that you are receiving no signal from the current source (e.g. if you have switched your set top box to standby mode) or if no user operation is received after four hours.

    You can change the Eco Solution options by going to:
    Menu->System->Eco Solution

    Not sure if you have that on yours but there are features that can be overridden in your settings menu.

    Hope it helps

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    @cowboysdude but when the TV is woken up do to get the input banner on the screen for several seconds? That was the part I couldn’t completely get rid of.

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    @j.e.f.f No mine just comes right back on like it was never off. It’s like a power saving mode actually. Only works when there’s input. Works exactly like a monitor in that regard.

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    @cowboysdude Samsungs have an ECO option but I turned it off completely thinking it was going to get in the way… I’ll take a look at that to see if it will work the way yours does.

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    @j.e.f.f I hope so. Samsung TV’s are nice but for this project Vizio was the way I went. Price plus in the end in all honesty I just got lucky with the ability to make it ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’…

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