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Tomekkk's Mirror

  • Hello folks!

    First of all i want to thank Michael and Paul-Vincent for all the work with the Mirror and Software!
    I startet with my own Wordpress based Interface for the Mirror, but got many errors regarding the locale Server and the other uses of the raspberry. So i decided to use Michaels Script wich will work perfect!

    The Mirror is based on an old 32 " LCD. On next hardware steps i will make an frame and hide the holder of the LCD. For the Scripts i try to integrate Jasper for controlling light, news, spotify (Spotify Standalone Server) and additional fun.


    alt text
    alt text

  • Admin

    Not much to thank me for it’s all @MichMich!
    I really like the size of your mirror and the LED’s in the background are interesting, can you change the colors remotely with the Pi or are you using a inferred remote?

  • Thanks paviro, it is the Philips Hue System, witch i have in my whole flat. So i can control it over Android.
    Additional i installed an Switch, which should control the Light and the Standby for the LCD over CEC with the Raspberry.
    alt text

    Also i have some time to construct the Frame with GoogleSketchUp. alt text

    Work will go on…

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