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Promotion video

  • Admin

    I just started working on a little promotion video for the MagicMirror system. Please don’t expect it to be finished any time soon, it’s just a side project 😅

    Here you can see my shell reconstruction showing the simple installation process (it’s animated of course):


    It would be amazing if you could contribute on what should be in the video and how it should present the system. I would also be grateful about some other videos that present software projects in a modern and beautiful way, if you happen to find any on the web 🙂

  • Admin

    Nice work!

    • I think it would be cool to show a bit of the installation process (or actually show that you only need to run one commando to install it …)
    • Maybe present the modules and some of the 3rd party modules
    • Show that there is an extensive API
    • Show some usage possibilities (bathroom, office, hospital, etc)
    • Show some mirrors from around the world …

    I’ll look for some other inspiring video’s.

    Hopefully others can contribute too!

  • @MichMich Agreed! Definitely show some of the modules we’ve got around here, and other mirrors. What MichMich posted should be enough to make a pretty good video.

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