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Hamburg (HVV) public transportation module - using realtime data

  • I’ve created a module for public transportation in Hamburg (Germany) which shows next trains/busses departing from your station. It’s using the HVV API with realtime data. Currently only train realtime data is working. It’s based on a modified version from Bangee’s SwissTransport module.

    I guess it’s only of use for very few people, but I wanted to share it anyway 🙂

    It’s still BETA and the very first working version, please be patient 🙂

    Find it on GitHub:


    Also I added a small article on my blog on how to install and how to obtain an API key:

  • @georg90
    Hie George90,

    is it possible to have also Deutsche Bahn trains in your module. For exampe all departures from Hauptbahnhof?



  • You can check on - If I go to: and look for the HBF, I get all ICE etc. trains.For them there is no realtime information available 😞

    If you want to see the DB trains, check out the module which uses the Google API.

  • @georg90 This is so cool. Love it! Fun Fact I am moving to HH again in several months. Will use it then 😉

  • Hummel Hummel georg90,

    thanks for you local-support.
    The link in your github description is old and doesn´t work anymore.
    You can use instead which gives you 4 options to choose.

    Your MMM isn´t installed on my Raspi at the moment but as soon as I have a better understanding of my Raspi and the MM2 I will install it!!!

    Best wishes from Winterhude

  • I’m from Hamburg, too. Cool module. Can’t really use it right now as I’m rarely using the HVV, but I might check it out and maybe play around with it a little.

  • @georg90

    I am about to install it on my setup. Unfortunately due to the old link its not possible. Although you can ask HVV for a Geofox-API I am not quite sure, if it is the smoothest solution.

    What do you think?

  • @PaulB said:

    I am not quite sure, if it is the smoothest solution.

    What do you mean? Since there is no official (open) api as of now, you’ll need to apply for access. I don’t use the addon at the moment, but I think it should still work, maybe some adjustment needs to be done to work with the latest version of the api. I’ll pick this up soonish as I am currently gathering materials to create a new mirror for myself 😉 But I don’t know when I’ll be ready.

    Edit: Just checked, there is an api. But the geofox should still work 😉 I will switch to the public when I will pick this up again.