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FRITZ!Box Callmonitor - always know who is calling!

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    The FRITZ!Box Callmonitor provides an interface for the FRITZ!Box showing an alert whenever someone is calling.


    It also adds an optional widget to the UI which can be used as a call history or if configured correctly as a list of missed calls.


    Numbers are automatically converted to their corresponding names if an .vcf address book file is given to the module.

    If you have any questions or requests for future versions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  • Great piece of software! I implemented it some hours ago and im pretty satisfied! Works like a charm! Thanks PAVIRO/JOPYTH!

    But i have one question because the documentation (readme) is not stating this clear:

    What can i do with the “deviceFilter”? You described it like that:

    *"You can enter the names of your real phone devices here (optional). You should be redirected to the list after you login here.
    Example: deviceFilter: [“firstphone”, “secondphone”].

    Possible values: array of strings
    Default value: [ ]"*

    Lets say, i run two telephones at my FritzBox:
    Is this option meant like, that i can exclude a device by inserting "deviceFilter: “name_of_telephone_one_or_two” into the config.js - and this so excluded device, is then not shown in the caller list?

    Thanks for your information about that…


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