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To-Do Modules

  • Module Developer

    Hey all,
    Given my background in biometrics and computer vision, I was very intrigued by the entire Magic Mirror project and see great things for the future. I am very excited to be part of this journey and amazed to see the growing love and enthusiasm the community shares. Props to @MichMich for his excellent work!

    I just released an Email Module but I would like to work on many more. The following are some module ideas I have and intend to work on and would greatly appreciate any input. Please feel free to request any other modules you would like.

    1. Voice Command - Controlling the mirror using your voice. This is my primary goal because a lot of my futuristic module ideas rely on user interaction.
    2. Selfie - Takes a photo/video. Relies on Voice Command “Take a selfie”
    3. Module Store - Lists all modules and can be installed just by saying “Install XYZ Module”
    4. Profile - This is not a module, but the core system will be modified so that the mirror is personalized to every user. For example, in my Email module, the user’s email address will change according to who is viewing it. @paviro did a fantastic job with his Face Recognition Module to get this done faster. In addition, the mirror also saves a ‘state’ for every user, so when the user logs back in using his face, it will be loaded with the exact same settings as he left it (Last played song, etc.)
    5. Synced Notification - The original idea for a smart mirror that I had was that instead of wasting 10-15 minutes checking my email, messages, etc. on my phone after I wake up, I can walk in to the bathroom and check everything there while taking a shower (as I waste so much time in the shower doing absolutely nothing but contemplate the meaning of life).
    6. Maps - relies on Voice Command. Uses google maps to show directions to destination.

    Looking forward to your comments.

  • Module Developer

    I really like the idea of the work you are looking to do.

    For me, voice recognition is something I’m really keen on having.

    Does it have to be just for the mirror though? I’d want to use it more for playing media etc, as well as be able to control the mirror

    “Mirror play my playlist”

    I’m really impressed, and I’m keen to see what you can do from your list!

    Good Luck

  • Module Developer

    Thank you very much for your kind words.
    You suggestions are very interesting, however, it would hugely depend on what speech/voice recognition engine I end up going for. I dislike the idea of have chrome keys and so I am leaning towards pocketsphinx, which can indeed be coded to allow you to access your RPi.

    Depending on how it goes, I will update you frequently! 🙂

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