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ServerStatus from IP list: up or down?

  • I’d love a module where I submit a list of IP addresses
    (internal & external; let’s say 10 or so) and I get a reply “up” or “down”

    ServerStatus: - up - down - up - down

    OR, better still, something like
    -All servers on list up - have a nice day-
    - & are down - GET TO WORK
    (don’t really need to know who is up…)

    Ideally the display would be pretty small, but RED for problems.


  • @amanzimdwini

    Yes that would be awesome +1

  • Moderator

    This would be best done as a background task, or better yet, from a different app. I have different ways I monitor my network, using network tools specifically designed for the task. If I were to incorporate reporting on MM², I would simply tap into the datasets already generated by those tools. Having MM² go out and test ping each IP in the list to see what’s up or not can cause problems with the screen locking up till that process is done.

    One could potentially fork off a process and let it churn in the background then write the results to a local file which then gets read by MM², but again, it’s my personal opinion that one should use the proper tools for the task. MM² isn’t the proper tool to check a machine’s status. It can be used to display data, and can do that all day long.

  • @KirAsh4

    I figured that for some of the things I wanted to accomplish…

    Is there something you recommend thats basic and runs on the pi… that someone… not me lol… Might be able to integrate…

  • Moderator

    For my own network, I use Monitorix, however it only stores the localhost data. You can have it look at remote servers, but it won’t store that data. So you can look for other network tools that monitor all of your network devices. A lot of them do store the data that you can then get out of the database.

    The easiest really is to write a simple python script that runs a scan on a set interval and dump the data in a file. Then have MM read that file.

  • @KirAsh4
    Having the PI only display, but not query, makes architectural sense. And you are correct, there are other options for running programs that can dump results to be displayed. [I can actually think of a boatload of watchdog programs that I’d love to display in a command-like center off a little Pi sitting on my desk!]

    Do you have something for MM2 to display such results (either txt or xml files) that you particularly like? I looked at
    but I am running into problems, and the Dev seems to be out of country.

    I don’t know JS & simply don’t have the time to learn it - but I can recognize that the PI MM2 is great for a command center. I could dump the result files onto a local dir from anywhere, and the PI would not have to struggle with domain authentication (I understand that is a problem).

    Thanks for yanking the discussion back to where it should be.

  • Moderator

    Personally, I use Monitorix on my network. It dumps data into RRD files. While I haven’t implemented a display on my mirror (because I have a different display elsewhere for that), one could use rrdtools to fetch the data and display it.

  • @KirAsh4
    Looks interesting. I guess I’ll have to ask someone how to use THAT for MM2. Let me look if I can use it at my work for other stuff: I spend my days monitoring & then having others fix things 🙂

  • Moderator

    Monitorix can be installed on an rpi, and it even has an rpi module already built-in for monitoring temperature.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @amanzimdwini is this what you asked for in first place?

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