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MMM-MyNotes - Display GMail notes on your mirror

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    I put this module together largely for my own needs, but I’m sharing it in case anyone else might find it useful. Keep in mind that this is fragile – there are many ways that I can see this breaking, namely with the way I need to identify which items are Notes – GMail treats them the same as email messages, with the only identifying factor being that the label “Notes” is attached. So if you have your Notes in a different folder than the default, this may not work.

    Also, this will only currently work for a single GMail account (even if you configure multiple instances of the module, it will still only work with one account). With the way the authorization works, I would need to do a pretty significant rewrite to make it work with multiple accounts. Not impossible, but not something I’m about to take on right now.

    In any case, please try it out, and I’ll do my best to help out with any issues you might have. This module certainly stretches my programming skills, so if those who are better developers want to comment and suggest better ways to do things, I’m all ears.

    Be sure to carefully follow the authorization instructions. It seems daunting as there are 16 steps in my instructions, but I was trying to be very verbose to make it clear.

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