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MMM-MyWink - Display status of smart home devices connected to a Wink hub

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    This displays the status of smart home devices connected to your Wink Hub.

    Currently it only supports Locks and Garage Doors, but I plan to add support for more devices soon. I’ll also be adding a configuration to change the display to something that saves a bit more space in case you want to display the status of many items. But for now I want to have this running for a few days to iron out any problems that arise in how devices are monitored.

    If you’re interested, give it a shot and let me know if anything doesn’t seem right…

  • I would love to use this module, but I don’t see a sample configuration to use. I’m at somewhat of a loss. I currently use several of your modules (listed below) with great success, they’re all beautiful by the way! But I just can’t get MyWink working. I got a “Client Secret” and “Client ID” within a few minutes of making the request, so maybe that’s not right as you said it should take a few days (EDIT: I checked just now and it does indeed say “Approved”).


    Here’s what I’m using for now, but it just says “Loading…”

          module: 'MMM-MyWink',
          position: 'top_right',
          config: {
            client_id: 'ENTERED',
            client_secret: 'ENTERED',
            username: 'ENTERED',
            password: 'ENTERED',

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    @twosquirrels Your config looks good. This was mine, maybe there’s something we missed?

          module: "MMM-MyWink",
          header: "Locks",
          disabled: true,
          position: "top_right",
          classes: "default everyone",
          config: {
            client_id: "MY_CLIENT_ID",
            client_secret: "MY_CLIENT_SECRET",
            username: "MY_WINK_ACCOUNT_LOGIN_USERNAME",
            password: "MY_WINK_ACCOUNT_LOGIN_PASSWORD"

    Keep in mind that this will only work with door locks and garage doors. I never programmed it to do anything else, and now that I’ve moved overseas, I no longer have the Wink hub – I sold it with my house back in Toronto.

    I’ve also not tested this with a Wink Hub 2, as I only had the original version 1 of the hub, nor have I tested it with the latest version of MagicMirror. So lots of things could go wrong…

    And I’m assuming you ran npm install in the MMM-MyWink directory?

  • @j.e.f.f

    Ah, darn! I did run npm install in MMM-MyWink. I tried using your config verbatim (except I had to change disabled: true to disabled: false), and entered my id/secret/username/password. No dice. It still just says “Loading…”. I do have a Wink Hub 2 (with garage doors and a lock) so I’ll have to assume this isn’t going to work. Such a shame as your modules are the best I’ve seen!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @twosquirrels you’re welcome to fork my repository and try to get it working on the Wink 2. Happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

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