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Glass or foil??

  • Hello,

    I’m looking for a mirror, but during that search i stumbed on semi transparant foil.

    Does somebody used this foil?

    It’s cheaper and u can make a thinner smart mirror with it. The glass it self is allready 6mm in the case of foil u can use a thinner glass combined with a thin monitor…


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    @MarkV said in Glass or foil??:

    Does somebody used this foil?

    Do a search at the top of this window for foil. People have had varying degrees of success with it. It can be hard to work with because you have to apply it yourself. It is my guess that most don’t use foil, simply because it is difficult to work with.

    Read through the posts that you find in your search. You will see different opinions.

  • Hi Mark,

    I would not use a foil…the result looks very “cheep”, its hard to mount without airbubbles and you will see scratches on it very soon…

    you could use a small peace of mirror which fits in the free area of MM and can be mounted there, but still, it looks not too nice and its hard to remove without damaging your display.

    Best alternative in this case would be to realise it with a cameraboard for the Pi and using the module MMM-MotionEye. But It’s not easy to install, I did not get it to run till now…unfortunately

    Or you use a cam connected with USB to the Pi (Module Camera) and mount this somehow that its “as non visible as possible” in top of your screen"…but not my favourite solution…

  • I don’t think foil will be way to go. Glass only for nice finish of mirror.
    I came cross mirror supplier which offers standard thickness two way mirror 6mm, and also 4mm
    I have smaller Version of Magic Mirror with 6mm glass. Which look very nice
    But I never come cross 4mm.

  • Did you check the price? Horrible compared to a glass…

  • I like the acrylic because it is more durable and lighter than glass.

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