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Default Module - Calender

  • Hi, first of all I must say that I am not good in Java . But I have an idea that I would like transpose for the default module “calendar” . But I do not know where and how .
    Every time the when in calendar is an event that has the label " Birthday " or " … Sport " , the foregoing Icon should be change . For the birthday => Awesome.Icon " Birthday Cake " or sports icon " trophy " .

    Can someone help me to implement this ?

  • Moderator

    That’s what the 'symbol' config option is for. Please read the instructions on how to set a symbol for your calendars:


    calendars: [
            symbol: 'calendar-check-o ',
            url: 'webcal://'
            symbol: 'calendar',
            url: ''

  • sorry, thats not my question. in your example i can set a symbol for a special calendar! i have only one calender. in this calender are event. for example: “Geburtstag Björn” or “Sport Cycling”. when the event is “Geburstag …” than i will change the symbol in front of the line by the event.

  • Moderator

    That’s not possible with the current setup. You can only change the symbol on a per-calendar basis.

  • Admin

    Not a supported feature, but the calendar supports text replacements. You might be able to replace “Geburtstag” with the HTML to display the icon: <i></i>. But since this an unsupported feature, this is as far as my support goes. 🙂 Check the documentation and knock yourself out.

    Also note: MagicMirror² is built using Javascript, not Java (those are two different languages which might be important for you if you’re googeling …)

  • thx MichMich! i will check later. thx

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