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MMM-FHEM shows values from FHEM devices ...

  • Module Developer

    This module can show any reading value from a FHEM device.

    Screenshot MMM-FHEM wide
    If the module is in the position top_ bar, or bottom_bar it looks like this …

    Screenshot MMM-FHEM compact
    and if its in a left, or right column it’s compact style.

    You can also add any icon in front and a text suffix.

    Known issue:

    • multiple MMM-FHEM modules in the config/on the mirror will overwrite each other

  • Great work! It is already running on my Mirror under development. Is there the possibility to change the displayed name?

    And can you give me some config examples to show on the mirror other states than temp sensors? I don’t understand how to separate.

  • I noticed it doesn’t update the values. Once it takes the data but stays with it. Is there something i miss?

  • Module Developer

    @DirkS The Module use the FHEM name of the device or you can set a alias for the device in FHEM like this in the fhem.cfg file attr LaCr.Thermo01 alias Bad

    One module config is for a group of devices with the same value type. One group for temperature and humidity and another for lights …

    modules: [
        module: 'MMM-FHEM',
        position: 'bottom_bar',
        config: {
          deviceNames: [
          deviceReadings: [
                            { name: 'temperature', icon: 'wi wi-thermometer', suffix: '°' },
                            { name: 'humidity', icon: 'wi wi-humidity', suffix: '%' },
        module: 'MMM-FHEM',
        position: 'bottom_bar',
        config: {
          deviceNames: [
          deviceReadings: [
                            { name: 'state', icon: 'fa fa-lightbulb-o', suffix: '' },

    Ich kann das vielleicht auch umschreiben, sodas man für jedes FhemDevice die Readings/Werte angeben kann.

  • Ja nice! Now i have a usecase for the alias attr. 😉 Before i had no clue for what i could need it.

    Readings for every single device would be good. I gives you more flexibility.

    What about a debug function? I would like to see the timing when it does fetch the last status and if the connection get interrupted etc.

  • Module Developer

    @DirkS If i have time, i will change it that every device can be configured.
    No clue how to implement a debug function. Feel free to do Pull Request.

  • From where did you took the icons? I’m searching under Font Awesome but i couldn’t find them you took within the example?

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @DirkS the weather icons are from vendor/weather-icons/css/weather-icons.css

    @BenRoe you don’t request this css file in your module, you should do that or users will have no icons if they don’t use any other weather related module

  • so i can take every icon from here?

    Edit: Yeah, works 😃

  • hello @BenRoe , may you please adopt this module to read Domoticz values ?
    I see that it is similar because we can read domoticz values by json’s#Retrieve_status_of_specific_device

    For example one of retrived data from BME280 sensor

    “ActTime” : 1477914474,
    “ServerTime” : “2016-10-31 12:47:54”,
    “Sunrise” : “06:33”,
    “Sunset” : “16:21”,
    “result” : [
    “AddjMulti” : 1.0,
    “AddjMulti2” : 1.0,
    “AddjValue” : 0.0,
    “AddjValue2” : 0.0,
    “Barometer” : 984,
    “BatteryLevel” : 255,
    “CustomImage” : 0,
    “Data” : “20.6 C, 58 %, 984 hPa”,
    “Description” : “”,
    “DewPoint” : “12.05”,
    “Favorite” : 1,
    “Forecast” : 0,
    “ForecastStr” : “No Info”,
    “HardwareID” : 3,
    “HardwareName” : “Virtual”,
    “HardwareType” : “Dummy (Does nothing, use for virtual switches only)”,
    “HardwareTypeVal” : 15,
    “HaveTimeout” : false,
    “Humidity” : 58,
    “HumidityStatus” : “Normal”,
    “ID” : “14056”,
    “LastUpdate” : “2016-10-31 12:46:59”,
    “Name” : “Łazienka”,
    “Notifications” : “true”,
    “PlanID” : “0”,
    “PlanIDs” : [ 0 ],
    “Protected” : false,
    “ShowNotifications” : true,
    “SignalLevel” : “-”,
    “SubType” : “THB1 - BTHR918, BTHGN129”,
    “Temp” : 20.60,
    “Timers” : “false”,
    “Type” : “Temp + Humidity + Baro”,
    “TypeImg” : “temperature”,
    “Unit” : 1,
    “Used” : 1,
    “XOffset” : “0”,
    “YOffset” : “0”,
    “idx” : “7”
    “status” : “OK”,
    “title” : “Devices”

    Interesting thing is Name of sensor (“Name”), Temperature ( “Temp”) , Humidity or Preassure etc…
    I think that would be great extension of this module 😉

    Please 😉

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