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Monitor with case or without case

  • Hello at all,

    I’m just build a Magic Mirror, too. My question is whether you absolutely must remove the Monitor from the Case or whether it also works so? As a mirror I want to use a real spy mirror.

    Thanks a lot for your Reply.


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    I did not try it yet, my screen is still in its case.
    2 things I could imagine:

    1. With the monitor in its own case it requires more space and makes the whole mirror thicker.
    2. Depending on the case and the mirror it could be complicated getting the mirror glas flat to the screen, so you could see the borders of the screen behind the mirror which could look ugly.

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    There’s nothing technically stopping you from leaving the monitor in its bezel. There are a couple mirrors that have done so. There are some additional downsides of which you should be aware:

    • The bezel will push the monitor away from your glass, slightly. In my first mirror, this distance is noticeable but not a deal breaker.

    • Any lights on the front of the bezel will have to be covered so as not to project.

    • Getting to the monitor controls may be an issue. In my case, I was able to move the switches to the outside of the box after I removed the bezel.

    • You may run into space complications, depending on the thickness of your box. Removing the case for the monitor will free up some room.

    These are, truth be told, minor considerations. If you’re willing to deal with these issues, there’s nothing stopping you.

  • I was thinking about that topic too. I came to the conclusion its better without case.
    If you leave it in its case, think about the screen orientation, the monitor is desgined to work like it is. Which is normaly not any problem but think about heat - the case of the screen is designed to let the heat pass by -in its designed way- if you flip the screen e.g. by 90 degress it might not work for long because the heat cant leave the case as intended. -Thats just a guess, cause screens normaly can cope with a bit more heat than normal.

    For me the most interssting point was the thinkness i could safe without the case, after removing the case i found another nice great thing, i could move the Display controller to a total different place, i will place it next to the screen but need a few new cables for that (ordered them already) in the end i will safe another big chunk in thickness.

    Overall you gain a lot of flexibility by removing it from its case.

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