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Assistant with screen

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    I’m back!

    9 months ago, I released MMM-Assistant. But it was notorious for its difficulty of maintenance and installation, due to my lack of skills.
    I was so disappointed with limits of early Google’s API and the problems in Electron. And my real world job makes me so busy not to support my hobby enough. So I have half forgotten it and it was abandoned from me.
    Sorry to everyone. (and special thanks to @E3V3A)

    Anyway, from last week I’ve been making my 3rd Mirrorless Mirror. I’ve found I have to improve my old voice module.

    Prototype demo
    Prototype demo (youtube)

    • pure javascript (no other python program or daemon needed)
    • easier installation (than my prior)
    • hotword detection and GA module are separated. (for better maintenance and other method to wakeup)
    • command module removed (use gactions or ifttt or webhooking instead)
    • screen output enabled!!! (like google home with the screen. But somewhat limited)
    • multi-profile supported. Every family can get their own assistant with own account.

    To do(before release)

    • YouTube playing(originally not supported)
    • notification trigger for other modules
    • some dedicated gactions process

    Problem and wanted
    -I have no rpi so I’m building it on ATB. But after Mm 2.4, there is an electron issue for ATB. So currently I run it with Serveronly mode, not kiosk mode. I need who has interest and experienced in node compiling(especially electron rebuild) for help.


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    Hey! Welcome back, Sean!

  • Very interesting 🙂
    I’ll try to get my setup up-to-date in the upcoming weeks. Afterwards I could happily give your beta a test run 😎

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    Not yet publicly released(however, it is opened in github. :D), but if there is anyone who wants to test,
    Please check here.


    And it might be good to use with these modules.

    • MMM-Hotword : For voice invocation like Jarvis!
    • MMM-NotificationTrigger : For relaying notification with other modules (eg. From MMM-Hotword to MMM-AssistantMk2 for invocation, or From MMM-AssistantMk2 to MMM-remote-controller for commanding)
    • MMM-GAction : Instruction and sample for custom Assistant commands.

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    Voice commands demo
    Voice commands demo. It shows 3 ways to command by voice. - transcription hooking, IFTTT, custom gaction (linked to youtube clip, click image)

    Multi profile demo
    It can support multi-accounts or multi-languages. It means, your family can use Assistant personally with this module. (linked to youtube clip, click image)

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    other stuffs
    Last demo for

    • continuousConversation
    • use Calendar, shopping list
    • And youtube playing…

    Ok, almost done. 😃

  • This is fantastic. Hope will come with full guide and instruction in each step.

  • Module Developer

    other stuffs

    RPI & Kiosk mode is tested. and I added some tiny features for touchscreen.

    If you want to run this module on the Kiosk mode, you should rebuild some module for matching electron version. See Installation.

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