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Front door mirror

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    I always used to have a mirror next to the front door so made this one to provide at a glance information on the way out. I’m not much of a wood worker nor do I have a workshop so I got the frame made up in Michaels. The frame is based on a shadow box frame. The mirror material is a 2-way acrylic from TAP Plastics.

    The first incarnation (V1.0) used an old Pi-A and had some home-brew code running on it. When I heard about the MM2 project I figured it was time to create Mirror 2.0. This version has a Pi-Zero for it’s brains and I ported over some of the modules I had in mirror V1.0.

    The next step (V2.1) will be to put a power point on the wall behind the mirror and use the remaining hole for a PIR so I can blank the screen when no one is in front of it.

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    WOW nice job!!! I really like this! I think someday it would be just awesome to have 2 or more mirrors all running the same thing possibly using a server at home… controlling everything in the house…

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    @cowboysdude That gives me an idea. I wonder if the Alexa API will let you duplicate the Alexa mobile app in a mirror module? You could display what Alexa is playing & what she heard when you spoke to her.


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    @bhepler THAT would be awesome… I have an Alexa and seeing what it’s playing on the mirror would be so great!!! Wish I were a programmer but alas I am not LOL

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