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Introduce yourself!

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    Because I’m very curious who is building the MagicMirror, I thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves. Most of you will probably know me by know, but a little bit more personal info can’t hurt … 😉

    I’m Michael Teeuw, 34 years old. Engaged with a beautiful flight attendant, father of the 8 month old future-maker; Enzo. And a self employed business owner.

    I love tinkering with electronics (Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, Etc …), enjoy 3D-printing on my Lulzbot Mini, do a lot of development (iOS Swift, C++, JavaScript, PHP) and enjoy good designs.

    My best known project is the MagicMirror, currently working on an Automatic Curtain project and previously finished the PowerSuit. Besides from my maker projects, I’ve got a few Apps in the Apple App Store.

    Although this isn’t my best picture, it’s probably the most fitting image to post on the MagicMirror forum … 😂
    Michael Teeuw

    You can find me on my blog, GitHub, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube.

    Nice to meet you all! 🙂

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    Good idea! Nice to get to know the people behind the GitHub comments a bit. Will add mine as soon as I finished the housing of my mirror 😄

    EDIT: Just noticed this is not in the show your mirror category, so I don’t actually have to finish my mirror for it 😃 Will add mine in a second 🙂

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    While new to the project, I have been following it for a while. I just recently decided to build my own. It’s still sitting on my desk at home because I’m also doing a lot of remodeling in the house, so I haven’t quite decided where it’s going to go yet, nor have I gotten the two-way mirror for it yet. Having to decide on a final size is a bit of a challenge when you’re still moving things around and clearing walls only to put something on them, etc., etc. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not having fun working on it and contributing to the code when/where I can.

    I’m nearing 45, an IT Director by trade, and a maker as hobby. I work a lot with micro controllers and custom build mainly LED based electronics. When I’m not doing that I’m either doing CAD drawings that end up on my 3D printer, or to be cut on my laser cutter and assembled. And when I’m not doing ANY of those (really, what’s wrong with me?), I’m out hiking and enjoying nature.

    I’ll have to remember to come back and post the final product when I’m finally done with it.

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    @KirAsh4 Nice! What 3D-printer and Laser Cutter (jealous!) do you have?

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    My name is Paul-Vincent Roll, I’m from Germany and currently 19 years old (doing my finals in school at the moment). I also happen to run a small business, which I try to maintain besides going to school. Mine is about videos though and not the kind of things we are doing here (can never really decide what I enjoy more… 😅).

    I love coding and building stuff but in most cases my coding work is sadly pretty much hacked together, still have to learn a lot of basic stuff but I will with time 🙂 I am currently planning to write an adventure game with a friend of mine, we’ll see how that goes.

    Besides the “raw-computer” stuff I absolutely love (already said I can’t decide which one I enjoy more so it’s fine I use the same term again 😄) crafting images and capturing moments with my camera, be it in video or still form.

    Image captured behind my house

    You can find me on my blog, GitHub, Twitter, 500px, Vimeo and Instagram.

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    An Ultimaker 2, and a 40W laser cutter, one of the many Chinese clones you find on eBay. Though it’s been heavily modified by me (adjustable bed, air assist, better optics, etc., etc.)

    I forgot to mention earlier: the bits and pieces of Dutch that come out of me are because I grew up on an island that is part of the Dutch colony, so the first 20-odd years of my life, I also spoke Dutch daily … then I moved to the US and it all went downhill from there.

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    @KirAsh4 interesting. Will take a look on ebay.

  • Hi! My name is Nicholas Hubbard. I’m currently 14 years old, I love to program and I am an active contributor to Magic Mirror. I have written my own modules, and I actually gave my mom a Magic Mirror for her birthday.

    I love the Raspberry Pi (I’m begging for my mom to allow me to use the multiple Amazon gift cards I have to buy a model 3) and I have done several “home” movies (e.g. vacations), worked on multiple projects before and love computers in general.

    P.S. The favorite activity of my friends when we were three years old was Little People. I unwound and rewound cords.

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    @nhubbard 14 years? 😱I’m feeling old! 😂Where are you from?

  • Hi! Im Marvin Rühl 🙂 I’m 23 Years old and studying my Master in Electronical Engineering @ TU-Dortmund. I started with this project in the last year, getting some rPI skills for work later.

    With MMMv2 this project becomes more huge than i thought, so im trying my best giving good input for it 🙂

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