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    I’m Mitch from the UK, I’m a BI Consultant who specialises in SQL Server.

    I’m building this mirror for my kitchen, and looking to replace the family calendar with it (plus other features like commute times etc). We have 4 kids, so it can be difficult to keep track of all our activities etc!

    At some point I’m hoping to make a move and develop a module.

    I’ve also just joined my local hackspace which has just formed, and I’ve been showing off the mirror to those guys too!

  • Hello All,
    Name is Angelo from New York, USA, 33 years old. Coding experience, virtually zero but I built a CNC machine from scratch a couple of years back. A friend saw it and it and landed me an IT job at his company, just an entry level gig doing IT support but hey, it’s a start right? My MBA is in international business so the career change scared the heck out of me. So far I am really happy with it though. I have always been a maker and having just finished my ride on cooler I needed a new project. Enter the smart mirror. Really looking forward to offering and getting advice from the forum

    Great to meet everyone!!!

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    Hey guys my name is John and I’m 53 and from Upstate NY [about 5 hours away from NYC]…

    I like to try new things that I have NO experience with such as programming, etc. So I would say that the help I’ve gotten here and the learning I’m getting is priceless to me.

    I was looking for a ‘Magic Mirror’ that I could install and there are a few out there… I found this one and feel in love with it instantly. Now I have people asking me all the time ‘can you build me one?’… I tell them I can but you can also build one yourself… I am not, nor will I ever try to profit from others work because I think when someone makes something and ‘donates’ it others should not benefit from it like that.

    I thought at one time of using my RPI3 to build a ‘car stereo’ but found that there was little to no help … so I found an image that was in German and helped get it translated over into English so that other could use the software to create their own… so now there’s an English version floating around on my google drive for people.

    I am always glad to help others if I can. This is what this is all about and I really appreciate the hard work that’s been done!! I’m going to try to port an NFL scoreboard over that I wrote in PHP for a joomla module on my website… why? I don’t know… I’m hoping to learn something from it!

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    Hi everyone,

    my name is Stefan, I’m 34, married, living in Germany (near cologne). I always enjoyed developing Software so I completed a 2 years education and ended as a software engineer in a small company designing websites and backend for tourist related topics. I noticed I did but like doing that for the rest of my life so I was looking for alternatives. Now I am working as a senior IT analyst in a TV production company.

    Over the last years I spent my free time rebuilding my car, swapping the engine, adding aircondition, changing the drive train, removing rust and getting a fresh paint in the original colour. This project was finished last year, just in time for marriage.
    I always liked building things, working with wood and glue and electronics, I can’t do “nothing” and I wanted to play around with a raspberry for a long time, so I recently bought one with some sensors and stuff.
    We just bought a house which is about to be built so I plan to create a smart mirror on a central place in the house, get the wiring done to avoid cables hanging around.
    In addition 4 months ago we rescued a small pitbull called Chico from the shelter and are now doing our best to educate this little boy.

    Best regards, Stefan

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  • HI I’m Chris, 32 Financial Software Specialist (tech support basically) from Newcastle, UK.

    Been a Pi user for about a year I have 3 at present, 1 running a robot coded with Scratch (with my Son 7)
    a Pi zero runing Kodi
    a third in the post …

    Currently aquiring parts to make a magic mirror after reading about in the Magpi Magazine

    My coding experience is so far limited to scratch and i (somehow) figured out a code to connect my pi to my NAS box

  • Hello! Johann here, programmer by day, and programmer by night too, weekends also! Started building my version of a smart mirror and doing research found magic mirror and community. Full of ideas and inspiration, good place to see explore the cutting edge of mirror technology!

    So hi everyone.

  • Hey guys! greetings from India.
    My name is Prasanth, and I’m 24. Used to be a software engineer. Recently, I got a knee injury while playing football,
    had to undergo surgery and I’ll on bed rest till January.

    So hat’s how I came across magic mirror. Oh! the forum!! this is brimming with creativity. so good to be part of it.
    I’m new to pi and nodejs and I’ve been following this for 3 weeks now, and the support seems to be amazing. \m/

    My raspberry pi is on the way :D. Hopefully I will get to setup one for myself. and some day may be contribute to the community.

    I’ve seen some voice recognition modules here. so thought of making one myself using IBM’s watson speech to text API.
    I’m still working on it. you can find it here.

    see you around guys. Cheers.

  • Hi all, Darren here from the UK. I’m 44 and just started my first MagicMirror2 project.

    I’ve had a play with Evan Cohen’s Smart Mirror in the past which I like and will at some point possibly try to merge some of the code into my MagicMirror.

    I have an Iiyama 27" LED monitor on the way and some 2-way acrylic. In the meantime I’m developing my install on an RPI3

    The idea I have for my mirror workflow goes along the lines of;

    1. facialrecognition -> detecting someone wakes the mirror up
    2. person not recognised -> the mirror displays a default set of modules
    3. person is recognised -> the mirror displays a lightweight personalised set of modules (ie calendar, fitbit, time to work if it’s a weekday, time to town if it’s a weekend)
    4. speech recognition to bring up other modules as needed

    It’s a bit of a mountain to climb given that my JS and Python skills are non-existent at the moment 🙂

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    @darrene there are face and voice recognition modules already built