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  • Sure…I’m Chris and I live in Baltimore, MD (if you haven’t been to Baltimore, please visit. It’s a great city…nothing like “The Wire”). I’m always interested in new technologies and projects. I haven’t had a good one in a while but this Magic Mirror project resonated with me and I’m really enjoying learning this and Node.JS. I’m sure I’ll be asking a lot of NOOB questions but that is my learning process. A few years ago I started asking NOOB questions on Experts Exchange and I was able to create a really powerful monitoring system using Microsoft Virtual Earth and NetIQ using .NET and VScript. So I know I can learn…I just need motivation and for me to ask the right questions.

  • Good Morning, my name is Steve Knox and I live in Calgary, AB (Canada). I am a Mechanical Engineer, but I’ve always had a softspot for some light coding and electronics. I’ve recently started playing with raspberrypi’s and now have two. A pi2 as a media server running plex, and a pi3 running octoprint for my Boxzy. I own my own side business creating custom cufflinks which is just getting off the ground (still need to sit down and create a website) but I do have a few promising leads for larger orders.
    “Spare” time has been a bit of a challenge between owning a small business, having a full time job and with two little ones running around but luckily my work is pretty flexible. It lets me learn all sorts of new things, for example we have a large walk around VR lab that connects to our architectural design software we develop. Lay out your office > walk through your space in VR and update it on the fly. The Magic mirror project is something I’m going to dive in and learn in the next few weeks/months, I’d like to create one for my wife, and we’re going to make one for work. Maybe show traffic alerts and weather, nothing too complicated. 😉

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    @paviro, stop breaking things! Your video link above is broken.

  • Hi all,
    I’m Mike out of SA, TX . Signed up because I am going to start to build my 1st mirror. A reason why I joined, I’m having trouble finding a mirror that will work for this project. There are a lot of 1 way 2 way mirrors on the Web and I was honestly looking for someone to link a good source to pick one up. Any feedback would be very appreciated. I don’t have the dimensions yet, so a vendor who can sell varying dimensions would be nice.


  • Hey guys! My name is Yuya and I just finished my Freshman year at the University of Penn State studying Computer Science, and also interning at the Almaden Research Center in IBM this summer.

    I was just looking for another side project to contribute to and found this to be very cool looking and interesting. I’ve got several colleagues here at IBM also working on IoT and learned a lot from just sitting next to them working on these things. My main interests primarily lie in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Human Computer Interaction and Affective Computing… so hopefully I can contribute some pretty neat modules. If you guys have any interesting ideas dealing with machine learning, computer vision and such, feel free to let me know!

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    @yutarochan it would be amazing if you could help improve (or help rewrite 😃 ) my MMM-Facial-Recognition module using machine learning!

  • I’m Mike 36 from England, I follow instructions (sometimes successfully) that’s about it for me.

    I first started dabbling with an RPI when I wanted to create a fermentation chamber for homebrewing beer, so I built a diy brewpi cracked open a fridge and hey presto it worked.

    Next I made my first arduino shield so I could declutter my wiring and this was my first venture into soldering (and soldering a pfet at that)

    I consider myself enthusiastic at making fun useful items, and persevering to get things to work.

    My enthusiasm far out weights my capability I have no coding knowledge but I somehow manage to fumble about and get what I’m looking for as you’ll probably see from my posts.

    My current challenge is trying to get my $9 CHIP to see my arduino over USB but that’s for a different forum.

    Anyway loving this project I’m trying to use a 37inch that’s colour is broken and clad it relatively inexpensively with a two way mirror.

  • Hi everybody,

    I’m Brandon (24) from Los Angeles, California. My experience and knowledge with coding — and raspberry pi in general — is very similar to that of @mikmonken above. I can follow instructions fairly well, but I know nothing about coding. I am very eager to learn coding, but have very little time to devote to it due to work, school, and a wife who likes to monopolize my time. 😉 I’m amazed with the work that you all have done with the Magic Mirror project and I hope I can help contribute to it someday.

    My first rpi project I undertook was the retropie. I easily figured out the software side of that, but then again all I had to do was follow simple instructions. I still haven’t started the hardware portion — I’m saving that for a later project when I can devote more time to it.

    The second rpi project I undertook was installing an ambilight kit behind my wall mounted TV through Lightberry. This was slightly more difficult, but still only required me to follow instructions (I love the effect the abmilight gives while watching TV by the way).

    I have now started the software portion of the Magic Mirror. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew with different projects, especially considering my lack of even basic knowledge when it comes to coding. However, I have really enjoyed the project thus far and I am learning a ton through this project. I currently have the Magic Mirror running fairly smoothly through my desktop monitor. After I finish adding all the cool modules you guys have created, I’ll start to build the actual mirror itself. The end goal is for this to be a Christmas present for my wife. Who knows, I might make a couple more for the rest of my family too. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to this project. I look forward to learning from all of you.

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    I’m in the US and been looking to play with a magic mirror for some time! Excited to have found this group!

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    I’m Doug, 41, I’m in Portland, OR in the US. I am a software engineer for work and I dabble in a lot of things, but mostly electronics and game development.

    I originally found MichMich’s awesome mirror project a couple of years ago, and made one for myself. Though I got discouraged after corrupting two different SD cards and dropped it for other projects. Was excited to see the new MagicMirror² project and this great forum!

    During my original work had rebuilt some of the mirror code, and even hacked together facial recognition using RaspiCam (my mirror has a Rasberry Pi Camera sneaked up behind the glass at the top).
    It’s nowhere near as nice as easy to set up as paviro’s facial recognition module!

    I recently posted a module I ported from my old mirror code, Forecast-IO weather:

    I’ll post pictures of my mirror once I get it all working again 🙂

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