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MMM-NOAA3 - user defined lat & lon values

  • Hi,

    I stopped using NOAA due to the wunderground issue.
    Luckily NOAA3 now has been issued and that works like a charm, but for one issue.

    It uses to determine latitude and longitude.
    After (re)starting MM, a file called latlon.json it being created, with the info provided by
    As I mentioned before in another thread, in my case the location is of by 67 km’s, which is quite a bit.
    And some users are interested in other locations (rotating through different locations would be anoher feature request).

    As a work-around I updated the providers/wb.js file and adopted the line with “var text = fs.readFileSync(‘modules/MMM-NOAA3/latlon.json’,‘utf8’)” and provided my own latlon.nuremberg.json file.

    But it would be nice to have a config option to do so.
    Something like:

    userLatlonJson: “latlon.nuremberg.json”

    When empty or not present, then to the routine, when present, then use userLatlonJson file.

    The work-around works for me, but it would be nice to do without.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @evroom You are reading my mind…working on it … instead of having it read a json file it would be easier to just allow users to add their own lat and lon…

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