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MMM-Bob-Ross: For putting a happy little painting up on your mirror

  • Module Developer

    Bottom Left Corner


    Bob Ross is the quintessential wholesome TV guy, and now he can be on your mirror too. His paintings of nature scenes are sure to put you in a good mood and his voice could calm a charging bull so about what you need after a stressful day.


    modules: [
          module: "MMM-Bob-Ross",
          position: "bottom_left",
          config: {
            imgHeight: "30vh", //Defines the height of the painting.
            videoHeight: "30vh", //Defines the height of the video.
            updateInterval: 1*60*60*1000, //How often does the painting change?
            autoPlay: true //Should the video start as soon as it switches?

    More specifics available on the GitHub page.


    Any other module can control the behavior of MMM-Bob-Ross through the notification system. For specifics of the notifications and payloads, refer to the GitHub page.

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    I love that guy. I used to watch him with my father. Nice module and a cool idea.

  • Project Sponsor

    This is a happy little module.

  • I would like to use it, but it does not play. Just a picture with a horrible resultuion 😕

  • Module Developer

    Looking back on my config convention, it’s really confusing. autoPlay does not mean that the video plays right when the mirror boots up, it means that when the view is switched to video by use of the notification it plays without any more need for interaction. The play feature is mostly meant to be used with voice modules and I specifically developed it to work with my own in which all you would need to do to get it to work would be to add the module and put the following into your config.js

        module: MMM-Voice-Commands,
        config: {
            commands: {
                "play video": "ROSS_PLAY_VIDEO",
                "stop video": "ROSS_SHOW_IMAGE"

    Now when you say play video, it will switch to the video view and when you say stop video, it will switch back to the painting.
    However, using MMM-Voice-Commands is not necessary, any module that can be configured to emit a notification to ROSS_PLAY_VIDEO and start the video.

    There isn’t much I can do about the low definition pictures. That is just the quality the website I am using has them in. That’s why I put the module in the lower left hand corner and made it small; it still looks like a nice nature scene, but the low resolution is unobtrusive.

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