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My 1st Magic Mirror (50x60cm) White

  • After some time i’ve finaly finished my project and MagicMirror is ready 🙂
    only thing left is hang it on the wall 🙂

    mirror is 50x60cm
    Display : Samsung S22LD390
    HW : Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
    Frame hand made from wood painted to white (needs to be repainted later)

    I’m happy with result as this is my first MagicMirror made by me.

    I want to add PIR sensor to turn off and on the screen when someone is in front of the mirror (save energy, increase life of screen)

    Also maybe add camera to frame to have some security as this mirror will hang next to entrance door.

    0_1532978685357_IMG_1956.jpg 0_1532978680841_IMG_1924.jpg 0_1532978676296_IMG_1932.jpg

  • Looks good good job

  • Project Sponsor

    That looks really tight. I admire the miters on your corners. Well done!

  • i’ve just ordered PIR sensor (HC-SR501) from banggood for only 1,5eur 🙂

    now i’ve to wait untill it will be delivered and then i can customize mirror to turn on only when someone will be in front of it 🙂

  • mirror is hanging on the wall now 🙂
    Only thing that is pending is add PIR sensor (still waiting for delivery)
    i’ve changed the power cord to white so it looks better 🙂
    0_1533379244889_IMG_2074.jpg !

  • I’ve found local supplier and buy new glass mirror 4mm thick for 18€ (50x60cm)
    Great price 🙂

    After replacement mirror looks great as you can see in picture later i will add photo with magic mirror on 🙂0_1534348786223_98516A00-A04E-4324-95B5-33CC9164D1EA.jpeg

  • photos when light is on and off.
    I’m very happy with result and mirror now 🙂
    Brand of mirror is: Stopsol bronze 4mm
    3_1534356920345_IMG_2119.jpg 2_1534356920345_IMG_2118.jpg 1_1534356920345_IMG_2116.jpg

  • yesterday i’ve received PIR sensor HC-SR501
    i’ve found this holder

    one of my friends have 3D printer and he was so kind to print this for me 🙂 so now i’ve to wait until it will be done and i can connect it to my MM 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • PIR sensor connected and everything is working as it should 🙂 0_1535100334913_IMG_2139.JPG 0_1535100344632_IMG_2140.JPG

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