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Old wine box + old monitor + RPi = MagicMirror

  • Six months ago I came across this forum and I knew I wanted to build a MagicMirror. So I built one and I changed and added bits and pieces along the way. There are still some things I’d like to change, but I haven’t had time to do so. This is the result so far below:

    I used old wine boxes to create a frame for the mirror, miraculously the monitor and the wine box had the excact same height, which made it perfect for a frame.

    I wanted to be able to change the pages whenever I wanted, so I attached an old Makey Makey (which I received as a present many years ago) and I connected the keys to the screws at the bottom side of the frame. So by touching two screws at the same time, the page changes and you can’t see any buttons or simular things. You have to touch two, because one is the ground key and the other the actual key. Basically you have to short-circuit the two screws with your fingers, that’s just the way a Makey Makey works.

    Here are some photos:

    Page 1: Information board

    Page2: our beautiful home planet with some information displayed

    Page 3: more or less a picture frame with some information

    The wine box, with the red power cord. (if you can’t hide the power cord, make it as obvious as possible and sell it as a feature and not a bug 😉 )

    And the screws to change pages, if needed. The RPi changes between the three pages automatically every 20min anyway:

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    Love the wine box wood frame.

  • Great idea, looks pretty nice IMHO!

    Huntsville (US), Brisbane (AU), Italian wine box and German time/date - I’m confused 😉
    The weather module is mixed °C/°F, isn’t it?

    Greetings from St. Gallen / Grüsse aus St. Gallen

  • Holy shit, I saw this post before but only now do I realize that it’s a box from Livia Fontana. We love their wines and go there regularly to spend a lot of money. Especially the Insieme is my secret favorite.

    Anyway, really nice mirror! What two-way-mirror did you use and where did you get it from?

  • @mnl Haha yeah I can understand that. My brother is studying in Huntsville and I was on exchange in Brisbane. The wine boxes were just sitting in the basement, so I used them, because we like italian wine 😉
    Cheers from Zug

  • @madscientist I used a kind of acryl glass (plexiglass) from a company in Lucerne (Switzerland). Here is the link. It is approx. 1/4 of the price and weight compared to a real mirror. Still the reflection is pretty good, depending on the light conditions though (obviously). If you click on the link you’ll also find a review to this kind of 2 way mirror.

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    Looks really great, a great idea !!
    I hope that I can show my project soon. At the moment I’m still struggling with some modules that they are finally running.
    I will build a mirror with 3 monitors 🙂

    Liebe Grüsse aus Olten

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