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Help choosing more than one item from an array

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    I have this array in my MMM-EOL module

    lifeFormArray: {
                "Tigers": "328674",
                "Hummingbirds": "8021",
                "Lions": "328672",
                "Jaguar": "328606",
                "Leopard": "328673",
                "Cheetah": "328680",
                "Fox": "19076",
                "Deaths-head Moth": "50688",
                "Great White Shark": "213726",
                "Seals": "7666",
                "Mosquitos": "473",
                "Venus Flytrap": "71355",
                "Cardinals": "19590",
                "Humpback Whale": "328575",
                "Praying Mantis": "487055",
                "Dragonfly": "42274802",
                "Tarantulas": "170",
                "Bats": "7631",
                "Bears": "7631",
                "Cicadas": "2645413",
                "Striped Bass": "211032",
                "Alligators": "796029",
                "Crocodiles": "1739",
                "Snakes": "2815988",
                "Cats": "7674",
                "Birds": "695",
                "Eagles": "8016",
                "Bald Eagle": "1049121",
                "Cactus": "4228",
                "Anemones and Corals": "1746",
                "Crabs, Lobsters, and Shrimps": "1183",
                "Sequoia": "42665",
                "Sea Horse": "218966",
    	    "Hominidae": "1653",
    	    "Primates": "1645",
                "Otters": "328044",

    In the config option you would enter, for instance:
    lifeForm: "Cats",

    This enters the id number for “Cats” (from the array) into the url like this:
    + this.config.lifeFormArray[this.config.lifeForm] +

    How can I modify this so that I can enter more than one lifeForm in the config, for instance, lifeForm: "Cats,Bats,Bears", so that the module enters the three id numbers from the array into the url, comma seperated with no spaces? I hope I have explained myself clearly. The url does work manually in a browser when using several id numbers, comma seperated, no spaces. I just don’t know how to call more than one item from the array.

    Many thanks ahead of time.

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    @mykle1 what you describe above is actually not an array, it’s an object (hash). Arrays are always defined with [] not {}.

    Now to your problem. you can create an array from your config value and save it in a variable e.g. var lifeForms = this.config.lifeForm.split(',');. it would look like this ['Cats', 'Bats', 'Bears']. Then you can loop over it to get the ids and save it into another variable

    var lifeFormIds =[];
    for (let lifeForm of lifeForms) {
      if (this.config.lifeFormArray[lifeForm]) {

    To create the id list you just join it comma seoerated like lifeFormIds.join(',');

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    just to be sure you understand…

    He’s not looking for it to show all the lifeforms at the same time, but different ones in intervals set by the user.

    Like with Cats, Bats, Bears… Say at an hourly interval show each one individually.

    I’m looking at this as well, I brought up the idea with @Mykle1. I see what you are getting at, and I’ve been looking at the same thing, just not sure how to call them up individually at intervals…

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    Oh, and I think it needs to be placed without spaces…


    Not sure if that makes a difference with what you are pointing out, but I think it does.

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    This Is what I’ve been working on so far…

    getLiforms: function () {
    		var url = "";
    		var requestUrls = [];
    		var LifeformsArray = this.config.Lifeforms.split(",");
    		LifeformssArray.forEach(function(lifeform) {
    			var requestUrl = url + lifeform;

    Am I even close to the right track???

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    Yours looks better!

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    @justjim1220 It looks like you are trying to do multiple request, as mykles description sounds like one request with a comma seperated list.

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    Yeah, I got that while trying to write what I had going. Your example looks more correct.

    So, now I’m looking at your example but not exactly sure where to insert it into the code to get it to work.

    in the config.js, I am looking at the lifeforms array as such:

    lifeForms: "Striped Bass,Praying Mantis,Tigers,Hummingbirds,Venus Flytrap,Fox,Bald Eagle",

    then I added this to the defaults in the MMM-EOL.js:

    lifeForms: ["", "", ""],

    then I added your example to the start function:

            var lifeFormIds = this.config.lifeForms.split(',');
            var lifeFormIds =[];
            for (let lifeForm of lifeForms) {
                if (this.config.lifeFormArray[lifeForm]) {
            //  Set locale.
            this.url = "" + this.config.lifeFormIds.join(',') + 

    I know this is definitely NOT right. This is where I am getting confused…
    Having 2 separate < var lifeFormIds > declared doesn’t look right.
    And, placing the ‘join’ part after the URL doesn’t look right either…

  • ok, your source ‘lifeFormArray’ is a hash… good for looking up randomly

    now to get the user specified list into something usable, split is the way as already posted

    // if user specified something
    if(this.config.lifeForms.length >0 )
         // split will return an array with only one entry if no comma found
         // add an entry to a special lifeFormArray entry for missing config info

    now, you want random, or walk the array of user_keys?

    function getRandomInt(max) {
      return Math.floor(Math.random() * Math.floor(max));
    // get one of the user specified data keys, using random
    var key=this.config.user_keys[this.getRandomInt(this.config.user_keys.length)];
    // append that id value to the url.
    this.url = "" +this.lifeFormArray.key;

    its unclear if u wanted all or just one…

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    Random would be great!

    I’ll give it a try, Thanks!

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