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LED display shines through

  • Hi,

    I have a LG PHILIPS LP156WH2 (TL)(QB) LED Display behind this 2-way mirror from briga (btw realy good pricing and fast delivery!).
    Problem is, that the display shines through, even the Black areas are clearly visible even on low brightness and contrast. which in my opinion compleatly breaks the immersion. There is no more magic , it is just a screen behind a mirror.

    Does anyone have an idea how to avoid this and get only light areas to be seen?

  • Module Developer


    Make sure the mirror is right up against the monitor screen, otherwise, you may be getting a reflection from the monitor on the back of the mirror causing shadows.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    The mirror is laying directly on the display (I am in a pre-assembly state). I think the led monitor can not display true black due to it’s backlight.

    I am thinking about something like a black foil between monitor and mirror, which makes the whole screen darker and then set the contrast to maximum?
    Maybe someone had similar problems and got a solution. Or a suggestion for a better 15’’ display?

  • Ensure the mirror is straight facing the screen, else, you might get a reflection from the screen on the back of the mirror causing shadows. Check more.

  • Did someone find any soltion. PLEASE HELP US…

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    Unfortunately, I think your only options are to either 1) replace the glass with a type that doesn’t transmit as much light through it (lower % rating) or 2) replace the monitor with a better quality one.

  • @bhepler Thanks for the reply. That’s right, I’ll have to change the monitor. Can you give me some specifications to keep in mind when buying the monitor?

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    LP156WH2 insists 200nits as brightness, but usual LED panels also have 200~250nits. You need to choice higher contrast than LP156WH2(1:400).
    Of course, There could be nicer panels - By example, Apple - 500nits, 1:1350 Lenovo X1 Extreme(1G) UHD - 500 nits, 1:1414. You can compare those values as reference which panel you will buy.
    WARNING RPI can only handle up to FHD(1920*1080). So above panels mentioned are useless for RPI
    Anyway the absolute answer will be OLED panel, it could give a real Black. Unfortunately that is still too expensive for MM.

  • @Sean Thank you very much for your reply. Wou this makes me more difficult and more expensive.

  • This post is deleted!

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