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Decided to take it on! Frameless Bathroom Mirror...

  • Well, it took a long time (My Fault) but I’ve almost completed it maybe ill add Alexa at some point or other modules!
    I had a raspberry pi and looked up things you can do and this topped the list so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I wanted a sleek mirror for the bathroom
    I had no programming experience but I enrolled in college in the UK in Computer Science so thought I’ll try this it will be a help.
    The Mirror has -
    Events (Calendar)
    News Feed (Sky, TalkSport and Reddit oneliners Sub)
    Sky News Live (YouTube)

    I have no pictures of the work in progress just completed.
    Picture quality not the best ill get some more. Is pretty difficult to take a really good picture.


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    @jamieh1986 Beautiful!!!

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    That looks great! I’m curious as to how you attached the mirror glass to the back/frame and then to the wall. I know you said you don’t have construction photos, but any information would be appreciated.

  • @bhepler Thanks! So It has a 32" Panasonic Tv (Down Facing HDMI) I stripped the casing off and used a black permanent marker for the metal surround and stuck this to the mirror with MONTAGEBAND:: Ultra-strong, transparent mounting tape, and the tv has a wall mounting bracket on for the wall.
    I built a frame around the tv using 2x4 spray painted black then stuck on with the remaining tape and used CT1 construction adhesive to attach the frame to the mirror
    Then I had Black vinyl wrap to cover the rest of the mirror.

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  • @JamieH1986 Darn it… I am so jealious! Well done. It looks fantastic. Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

    Many greetings from germany,

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