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Without Internet?

  • Hello, hello!

    I was thinking of building a Smart Mirror for my grandma (a little modified to suit her needs, tho) BUT she dosen’t have WiFi… 😕

    I’ll have WiFi while i’m creating the mirror, but will it work in her house without Internet connection? And is there a way to make it work either way? I’m asuming a voice assistant won’t work either?

    Sorry for bad english and allmost no knowledge… XD

    //Thx! 😃

  • Moderator

    It would work without internet. But what should it display? It doesn’t know current temperature (unless you add a local thermostat), it doesn’t know any calendar entries, no news, nothing.

    You would only have static information like compliments. And I don’t think it will be useful with this

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    First get grandma internet/wifi, THEN build her a MagicMirror. 🙂

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